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Contributions by Mahesh Sarma

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Contributions by Nimesh Chandra

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About Prabha Dhavala

Prabha Dhavala is a mother whose interest in education kick-started at home with her son. Starting as an administrator of a school, she has more than 12 years of experience inclusive of free-lance writing for Outlook Lounge, TERI and full time research work at Outlook Traveller. With the inception o see more »

About Apratim Chatterjee

Apratim Chatterjee keenly follows latest developments on different aspects of education including exams, institutions and latest policy changes. A strong believer in the timeliness of news information, his 24*7 approach in covering news items brings an edge to Careers360 news platform. His job is to see more »

Contributions by Apratim Chatterjee

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About Govind Kumar

Govind is an education evangelist having more than 8 years of work experience. From which 5 years he dedicated towards Education content planning, Product development and Career counseling. Currently, he is working as a Content Strategist at Careers360. He used to keep himself abreast of the changes see more »

About Bachan Thakur

I come with almost a decade long experience in the field of Journalism. Having a stint with a few organisations, I landed up at Careers360 to give full play to my passion to contribute to someone’s life. And what could have been much better than helping a life through Education! After a short stin see more »

About Manashjyoti

I have over 3 years of experience working in the higher education section, having worked in different capacities as counsellor, writer and editor. A major part of my work revolves around empowering the student so that they are able to make better decisions for themselves and people at large. 

Contributions by Manashjyoti

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About Saakshi Lama

Total dreamer with a pinch of creativity. Writing has been my passion ever since I was a young kid. Here's to me starting my editorial journey with Careers360 sharing educational based content for those who need it. Cheers!!!

Contributions by Saakshi Lama

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About Richa Kapoor

Working in the education domain has been a  wonderful experience for me as it keeps me on my toes to remain updated with the latest developments that are taking place in this field.  Talking to the toppers, knowing about them, their accomplishments is an experience to cherish. Moreover int see more »

Contributions by Richa Kapoor

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About Samiksha Jain

Samiksha, a digital enthusiast, entertainment junkie, unsolicited opinion giver, bona fide foodie and a self-lover. At Careers360 she aims to explore education domain more closely. When she is not writing, she is in a relationship with a never-ending love affair with solo travel. Her passion for exp see more »

Contributions by Samiksha Jain

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About Priyanka Sarangi

A post graduate in Journalism, I draw a flair for writing from my diverse work experience in several domains like Entertainment, Lifestyle, Spirituality and more. Currently, I counsel and guide legal education aspirants at Careers360 platform with my informative and analytical pieces

Contributions by Priyanka Sarangi

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About Ranjini Basu

A Postgraduate in English Literature from Presidency University, Kolkata; with around seven years of professional experience I always wanted to be close to the younger generation; listen to their opinions and try merging their ideas with mine. To guide, train and counsel students through my analytic see more »

About Jasleen Kaur Taneja

With a strong experience in Education content, my focus in Careers360 is to guide students to choose a perfect course in accordance to their personality to build a bright future. A degree in MBA from ICFAI University and work experience in all sectors of education has got me passionate about writing see more »

About Sherin Tressa

Sherin Tressa is a former journalist who has an experience of working on filed and has now turned her focus to the education domain with her expertise of working as an assistant professor. A Khalid Hossenie fan, she thinks students are the most important element of the society. If every student is e see more »

Contributions by Sherin Tressa

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About Kritika Tyagi

Kritika holds a Masters in English Literature. She is an avid reader and a traveller. Currently, keeping a track of medical admission in India at Careers360. With information and data insights, she counsels and guides students towards their selection of available career options. 

Contributions by Kritika Tyagi

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Contributions by Tanzim Hazarika

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About Somesh S Menon

Blending a formal academic background in Journalism and Development Studies with substantial experience in the social sector, I have had the privilege of being previously published in various capacities across different portals, including as a research associate, a gender worker, an advertising copy see more »

Contributions by Somesh S Menon

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About Anangsha Patra

A mass communication and Journalism post-graduate, I have worked as as a Reporter and Sub-Editor for 5 years. Currently, working in Competition domain at Careers 360, I have earlier worked in B-School, Design and School Domains.

Contributions by Anangsha Patra

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About Amita Jain

A scholar of public policy, Amita has keen interest in exploring the education frontiers of Indian and global education system. The alumna of King's College London has a strong research bent in her writing. Her efforts at Careers360 are dedicated to bridging the information gap among see more »

About Saumya Vishnoi

A writer by day and a reader by night, Saumya Vishnoi is a Media student who currently works as a content writer for Careers360. Writing has always been a reason of survival for her and she is eager to learn and crave improvement in her skills.

Contributions by Saumya Vishnoi

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About Supriya Kumari

Supriya is a student of Post Graduation Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations from Indian Institute of Mass Communication and Mass Communication graduate from Patna Women’s College. She worked on 360 campaign planning on “Sex Education” which essentially was a part of her college project see more »

Contributions by Supriya Kumari

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About Aklanta Chetia Wanniang

After completing Master's degree (Literature) from Delhi University, I have been working as a Content Writer for Careers360 for over a year. I cover events pertaining to Competition portal including Government jobs. Stay well informed regarding the latest updates on Competition here.

About Rajeev Kumar Maurya

A nature enthusiast, I thrive capturing the glimpses of nature and natural beauty of landscapes. I am a Foodie, Cook, Traveller, Photographer, Biotechnologist, Researcher all merged in one! Here at Careers360, I guide students choose the right career path by sharing timely, relevant advice and infor see more »

About Shristi Kirti

A Mass Communication and Video Production graduate from St.Xavier’s College, Ranchi and Post Graduate diploma holder in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, Shristi Kirti has been contributing as a feature writer at ‘Iconic RANCHI MAGAZINE’. As a buddying see more »

Contributions by Shristi Kirti

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About Ipshita Sarmah

A postgraduate in English Literature from Gauhati University, Assam. I have always believed that the power of writing emerges when it is done with an intention. As a content writer working with Careers360, my intention is to help students stay informed about the various gateways to a bright career. see more »

About Khushboo Verma

A graduate from Punjab Technical University in Mass Communication, I currently work as a Sub Editor  at Careers360. With the belief that writing is the best medium of enlightenment, I always endeavor to curate the best content to help aspirants make an informed decision.

Contributions by Khushboo Verma

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Contributions by Rajaram Sukumar

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Contributions by Sachin Malik

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About Madhuwrita Nandi

A postgraduate in English Literature with an undying love for music, books, and writing, Madhuwrita thrives to work on multiple domains including Law and University at Careers360. A BTS fan, she believes one needs to listen to heart while taking good career decisions in life. The young adult fi see more »

Contributions by Madhuwrita Nandi

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About Sanjana Surbhi

Sanjana Surbhi is a post graduate diploma holder in journalism and a mass communication graduate with a zeal to be better every day. Having interned at Entrepreneur India magazine and Indian Express, she brings the experience of different fields to add an interesting dimension to her work. A photogr see more »

Contributions by Sanjana Surbhi

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About Vaishnav Gautam

I am a writer, poet, lyricist, playwright and blogger. I majored in English Literature from the University of Delhi. It's my belief that you can gain any superpower from educating yourself and through Careers360, I intend to help students who want to build a career of their choice.

About Shraya Singh

As a full-time bibliophile and a part-time Jedi, Shraya is constantly lost in an affliction to travel imaginary worlds. She is a firm believer in the power of bound pages, coffee and classic rock in that order and is biding her time trying to travel across the world we already know until she can fin see more »