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Contributions by Mahesh Sarma

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Contributions by Nimesh Chandra

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About Prabha Dhavala

Prabha is a mother whose interest in education kick-started at home with her son. With more than 12 years of experience, she loves combining her efforts and passion with a bunch of like minded people at Careers360. She feels that empowerment of a student can be achieved with the right kind of inform see more »

About Apratim Chatterjee

With an experience of over nine years in field of communications, I have developed a competency to work on different domains at Careers360 including Law, University, Medicine, Hotel Management, Competition, School and Finance & Accounts. My focus here, is to help aspirants with all required informat see more »

Contributions by Apratim Chatterjee

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About Govind Kumar

I am currently working as a Journalist, Researcher and Career Counsellor with the Medicine domain of Careers360. Medicine being a vast domain, it always keeps me on my toes and I make sure all the toppers as well as experts share their insights with Careers360 first. I love doing in-depth research b see more »

About Sreetama Datta

I have over six years’ of rich experience covering the Management education beat. I am an alumna of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Delhi and over the years, have covered each and every aspect of management education, extensively for MBA aspirants, students, educators and all stakeh see more »

Contributions by Sreetama Datta

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About Manashjyoti

A postgraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, I work in the education sector and help students pursue their dream of “Studying Abroad.” I keenly follow the latest trends and events happening in the field of education across the world and share valuable information and insights with studen see more »

Contributions by Manashjyoti

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About Saakshi Lama

Total dreamer with a pinch of creativity. Writing has been my passion ever since I was a young kid. Here's to me starting my editorial journey with Careers360 sharing educational based content for those who need it. Cheers!!!

Contributions by Saakshi Lama

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About Richa Kapoor

The opportunity to help the aspiring students by writing for Careers360 gives me immense satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoy the new challenges that I face every day and the wide array of questions that are asked by the students continuously keeps me on my toes. The joy to write accompanied with respon see more »

Contributions by Richa Kapoor

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Contributions by Samiksha Jain

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About Priyanka Sarangi

A post graduate in Journalism, I draw a flair for writing from my diverse work experience in several domains like Entertainment, Lifestyle, Spirituality and more. Currently, I counsel and guide legal education aspirants at Careers360 platform with my informative and analytical pieces

Contributions by Priyanka Sarangi

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About Ranjini Basu

Teaching and Counselling students for their education and career has been my passion since I stepped into the realm of professional life. A post graduate in English Literature from Presidency University, Kolkata and Classical Manipuri dancer, I always wanted to maintain close proximity with the you see more »

About Jasleen Kaur Taneja

With a strong experience in Education content, my focus in Careers360 is to guide students to choose a perfect course in accordance to their personality to build a bright future. A degree in MBA from ICFAI University, Hyderabad and work experience in all sectors of education has got me passionate a see more »

Contributions by Sherin Tressa

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About Kritika Tyagi

An MA in English Literature, I am a passionate writer and reader. I enjoy solving queries from students and engaging with them on real-time basis. Currently, I cover medicine domain along with other domains of higher education at Careers360. With information and data insights, I also counsel and gui see more »

Contributions by Kritika Tyagi

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About Shivani Bhatt

Shivani Bhatt is a dreamer, a mother, and an amateur trekker. She has a Masters in Anthropology and a Diploma in Forensic Sciences and Criminology from Panjab University. She has been in the world of Content Development for a decade now and plans to stay here for long.

Contributions by Aditi Garg

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Contributions by Tanzim Hazarika

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About Somesh S Menon

Blending a formal academic background in Journalism and Development Studies with substantial experience in the social sector over the last three years, I currently contribute to the Law domain and in the creation of E-books at Careers360. I have also had the privilege of being published in various c see more »

Contributions by Somesh S Menon

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Contributions by Anangsha Patra

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Contributions by Saumya Vishnoi

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About Supriya Kumari

I am a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Advertsing and Public Relations from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and a Mass Communication graduate from Patna Women’s College. I have worked on 360 campaign planning on “Sex Eduction” as a part of my college project. After having short y see more »

Contributions by Supriya Kumari

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About Shristi Kirti

A Mass Communication and Video Production graduate from St.Xavier’s College, Ranchi and Post Graduate diploma holder in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, Shristi Kirti has been contributing as a feature writer at ‘Iconic RANCHI MAGAZINE’. As a buddying see more »

Contributions by Shristi Kirti

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Contributions by Khushboo Verma

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Contributions by Rajaram Sukumar

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Contributions by Sachin Malik

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About Madhuwrita Nandi

A postgraduate in English literature, I seek to establish my career in the field of content writing which has been always been my passion. Literature and music are my trusted antidotes to every problem, and not a single day passes without me having a sufficient dose of each of these.

Contributions by Madhuwrita Nandi

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Contributions by Sanjana Surbhi

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About Vaishnav Gautam

I am a writer, poet, lyricist, playwright and blogger. I majored in English Literature from the University of Delhi. It's my belief that you can gain any superpower from educating yourself and through Careers360, I intend to help students who want to build a career of their choice.

About Shraya Singh

As a full-time bibliophile and a part-time Jedi, Shraya is constantly lost in an affliction to travel imaginary worlds. She is a firm believer in the power of bound pages, coffee and classic rock in that order and is biding her time trying to travel across the world we already know until she can fin see more »