About College Predictor

What is college predictor?

College predictor is a tool that helps the students to predict the right colleges and courses where he/she can get admission and also helps them in preparing for counselling by predicting the colleges that they might get.

How to use college predictor?

Select the exam for which you want to use college predictor.Then input the required exam fields correctly and click on predict now.

What is best match?

Best Match depicts the colleges in which user has high chances of admission and also matches the user's preferred location/ branch.

What are the most preferred branch and 2nd most preferred branch?

Preferred branch and 2nd most preferred branch will be the courses of that particular college based on the last year cut-off rank. In simpler words, the branch where seats filled up the fastest has been considered as the preferred branch.

What does the participating college's tab indicate?

Participating colleges are the list of all the colleges with their most prefer branch which are accepting admission through that particular exam.

On what basis the chances are getting predicted?

The chances are based on the previous year cut-off data. These chances give a student a fair idea of the possible colleges that he might get admission based on his/her rank or score.

What does the cut off trend indicate?

It is a graphical representation of showing if cut-offs of a particular branch of any college have gone up or down.

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