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Udemy is one of the biggest leading global online learning and teaching hubs which connects millions of students and learners to sharpen the skills they require to achieve success.  Udemy has a curated collection of top-rated Udemy online courses related to business and technical know-how. 

Udemy has a great connection with all its learners and through this, students from all over the world get access to the best instructors so that they can be helped reach their goals and pursue their dream careers with the Udemy courses and Udemy free courses with certificates

Learners can find a wide variety of Udemy courses and Udemy free courses in different subjects and topics. These Udemy certificate and free Udemy courses are available across various topics including IT and software, design, business, development, management and leadership. 

Udemy also has Udemy Business through which it helps employees of top organisations to learn and build new skills by providing them with unlimited access to over 17,000 courses on Udemy selected from Udemy.com anytime, on any device.

Udemy Overview

  • 40 million students have learnt at Udemy.
  • Over 240,000 Udemy courses online available in 75 languages
  • 12,500+ enterprise customers
  • More than 71,000 experienced instructors teach here
  • 155,000 online video courses available
  • Engaging courses designed and led by real-world experts 

Udemy Courses

Udemy offers more than 204,000 Udemy online courses with new additions published every month. These new Udemy courses with certificate takes on different relevant topics including Python, Excel, Web Development, JavaScript, Data Science, AWS Certification, Cloud Computing, Drawing, and much more. 

Learners will be able to get access to expert instructors with the Udemy free courses and Udemy certificate courses. Udemy renders the learners various features along with the Udemy online courses and Udemy certifications such as subtitles, quizzes, coding exercises, certification of completion and practice tests.

Collaborations and Accreditations

Udemy provides Udemy certification courses, Udemy online training, and Udemy free online courses in collaboration and partnership with myriad instructors and learning platforms. Some of them are Workday, Degreed, Microsoft Viva Learning, Saba, Edcast, NAVEX Global, LinkedIn Learning, Classera, MultiChoice Group, and the like.

Udemy Industry Partnerships

Udemy has a large industry collaboration with many trusted companies of all sizes. Some of the trusted industry partnerships are - Apple, BoX, Wolkswogon, Netflix, Xoxoday, Madkudu, Gloat, Continu, Sympli, Degreed, MyLead, BetterWorks, 360Learning, Attendify, Saba Sofware, and Eventbrite. 

Types of Udemy courses

Udemy certified courses are available in multiple international languages including English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese and a lot more. Likewise, the online Udemy courses and free Udemy courses are designed in four categories based on the skill level of the learners, namely, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

Udemy is a leading online learning platform that provides a wide range of Udemy online courses and Udemy free online courses in various topics and areas. Refer to the table below to know the major areas in which Udemy online courses and Udemy certifications are offered:

Udemy India

Udemy Academy has been established to provide Udemy online courses and Udemy certificate programmes to students and adult professionals around the globe. It is also very helpful for the students and workforce of India to upgrade their skills through Udemy training courses and Udemy free certifications prepared by Indian and international tutors alike. 

Udemy has Udemy courses with certificates and Udemy free online courses with certificates in a couple of Indian languages - Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and others.

Also Read: Apart from Udemy, there are multitudes of ed-tech companies and digital learning platforms that provide several courses. Some of the major online course providers are tabulated below: 


Q: Does Udemy provide free Udemy courses?

A: Yes, Udemy has a vast collection of free Udemy courses on a wide variety of topics. Beginners can make use of them to prepare themselves for the advanced courses offered by Udemy as well as other learning platforms.

Q: Can I get a valid certificate after the courses on Udemy?

A: Udemy issues certificates for students who have completed courses on Udemy except for free Udemy courses. However, as Udemy is not an accredited platform, its certificate is not accepted by every institution and company. However, some companies and institutions will consider the certification of course on Udemy.

Q: What is the average fee for the courses on Udemy?

A: Udemy provides Udemy courses with a varied fee structure. However, the average fee of the Udemy certifications ranges between Rs 1,200 to Rs 4,000. 

Q: Which courses on Udemy are popular?

A: The popular Udemy courses list will be long. However, the Udemy online courses with certificates on new topics like Python, salesforce, machine learning, digital marketing, data science and the like are the ones learners prefer highly now.

Q: Is learning on Udemy worthwhile?

A: Yes, learning on Udemy is worthwhile as online certifications are widely accepted and considered to be an alternative to formal education. Likewise, professionals who want to grow professionally can take Udemy courses. 

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