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Managed by Cubezoid Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Vskills is the largest certification body in India. Vskills offers plenty of Vskills courses and Vskills certification courses in a vast range of disciplines. It also conducts skills testing and certification exams to improve employability. Individuals can choose from 200+ skills certifications to become Vskills certified. There is no specific duration to complete Vskills certification courses. However, candidates need to sit for the exam within 1 year of the date of purchasing the course. Vskills certified exams are conducted on monthly basis. Candidates can choose the exam date from the exam calendar as per their convenience.

Many companies hire Vskills certified candidates and use their certifications for their in-house employee appraisals. Vskills is affiliated to several organisations and is managed professionally by IIM Alumni. By pursuing Vskills certification courses, students/employees will be able to measure and prove the skills valued by the employer and are in high demand.

Vskills - Overview

  • An initiative in skill development and employability

  • Vskills certifications for working professionals

  • 50000+ Vskills certified candidates

  • 200+ skills certifications

  • Skills valued by industry experts

  • Certification exams & online testing

About Vskills Courses

There are a large number of Vskills online courses that learners can choose from as per their choice. Vskills courses cover areas such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Foreign Trade, Hardware and Networking, Management, Media and Communications, Real Estate, Retail, and many more. Candidates can take any of the Vskills certification courses and become Vskills certified candidates and advance their careers.

Vskills - Collaborations and Accreditations

Vskills courses are recognised by the Government of India PSU and candidates upon completion will earn government-recognised certifications which will have lifetime value. Vskills has a number of partnerships with institutions/societies at various levels to design and develop its certifications, including Shine, Monster India, naukri.com, Digital Vidya, and EduPristine.

Types of Vskills Courses

Vskills offers various types of Vskills online courses and Vskills certification courses in a variety of disciplines. Here is the list of Vskills courses that candidates can choose to build their careers in the same:

Vskills Skill Development Courses & Certifications

Vskills Finance Courses & Certifications

Vskills General Management Courses & Certifications

Vskills Six Sigma Courses & Certifications

Vskills Software Testing Courses & Certifications

Vskills Programming Courses & Certifications

Vskills Law Courses & Certifications

Vskills Hospitality Courses & Certifications

Vskills Full Stack Development Courses & Certifications

Vskills Business Analytics Courses & Certifications

Vskills Banking And Finance Courses & Certifications

Vskills Data Analytics Courses & Certifications

Vskills Job Assist Programme

Vskills certified candidates will get placement support. Vskills certified candidates will be a part of the Job Centre for Life. The candidates’ CVs are flagged on the Monster India and Shine.com website as “Vskills Certified candidates” to employers. Several top MNCs, corporates, job consultants and recruitment agencies are registered with Vskills as placement partners providing employment opportunities to Vskills certified candidates.

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