13 stories of struggle, survival & success

FROM social discrimination and physical disability to poverty and hopeless circumstances, the odds against them were quite high. But these individuals believed in the dictum that your reach must extend beyond your grasp. If not, what else is the sky for? And they worked hard. They grabbed all the opportunities that came their way; they exerted every sinew, every nerve. And came out successful. And realized the journey is as sweet as the destination!


 Individual stories of will and courage...

Ramesh: Tending cows to manning computers

He had never been to school. He didn’t know to write his name in any language. Today he mans computers!

Read about Ramesh's transformation

Harsha Bhogle, cricket commentator

"If failure could ruin people, I would never be in TV," he says.

Harsha chronicles his career hurdles...

Govind Jaiswal, IAS Officer

Power cuts, cruel taunts did not deter his IAS dream.

Read how he studied in chaotic conditions...

Arjun Ram Meghwal, the weaver

His father warned him if he fails any exam, he will discontinue his education. He cracked IAS and became Member of Parliament.

Read how he climbed up the ladder

Dr. Surya Bali, Physician

"I walked 11 km to school barefoot" says Surya who was born to tribal community.

Read how he became the first doctor of his village...


Meenu Bhambani, Global Head-CSR at MPHASIS

“Till class 9, I was topping from bottom,” says Meenu, a childhood victim of polio. Today she spearheads the hiring of differently-abled persons

Read her crusade for mobility

Yuvraj Walmiki, hockey star

A child from the Mumbai slums, he applied 13 times to junior hockey camp and was rejected. But nothing could stop him from dreaming.

Read his story...

4 teachers who came from nowhere!

Prof P K Banik |

Dr. Anand Samuel

Dr. Ramanujam |

Anand Sudarshan

 Gauri Kumari, Lawyer

She comes from lowest rung of India's caste hierarchy - her family was entitled to do menial jobs.
Today she fights for women's and Dalit rights.

Read her tough journey

Cricket's greatest fighters

Cricket greats Rahul Dravid, VVS Lakshman, Yuvraj Singh & Tiger Pataudi all bounced back from the brink of failure..

Read about 4 of cricket's greatest comebacks...


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