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Student Scholarships, Financial-Aid In Karnataka, Telangana: A Ready Reckoner

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By Rahul Shrivastava
5 Mar'22  11 min read
Student Scholarships, Financial-Aid In Karnataka, Telangana: A Ready Reckoner

States offer scholarships to students from a variety of families and backgrounds including minorities, backward classes, girls and those affected by COVID-19. Careers360 takes a look at the scholarships on offer in two major states — Karnataka and Telangana. The government scholarship and financial aid schemes support high-performing students in school, help pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds access higher education and even study abroad.

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Student Scholarships, Financial-Aid In Karnataka, Telangana: A Ready Reckoner

States offer scholarships to students from a variety of families and backgrounds including minorities, backward classes, girls and those affected by COVID-19. Careers360 takes a look at the scholarships on offer in two major states — Karnataka and Telangana. The government scholarship and financial aid schemes support high-performing students in school, help pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds access higher education and even study abroad.

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Not every family in India is privileged enough to be able to finance their wards’ school education and higher studies. Plus, the costs keep rising every year. The central government and most states offer several varieties of financial aid to students to support the cost of their studies, basic or higher education. The aid provided can be in the form of grants, scholarships or loan interest subsidies. The financial assistance typically covers educational expenses including tuition fees, hostel or room fees, expenses on books and supplies and transportation.

Given below are the various types of financial aid offered by two major states — Karnataka and Telangana.

Scholarships, Loans, Financial-Aid: Karnataka

Karnataka has a wide range of financial-aid offerings for students from different backgrounds and with different interests.

Children Affected By COVID-19

The Karnataka Government has announced the Bala Seva Scheme to provide financial assistance to children who have lost their parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A sum of Rs 3,500 per month will be given to guardians or caretakers of such children. Children below the age of 10 years who do not have any guardian will be placed in registered childcare institutions and admitted to model residential schools.

Children who have completed Class 10 will get a free laptop or tablet. For girls who have completed 21 years, Rs 1 lakh will be provided toward their wedding expenses, higher education or self-employment. Along with these, mentorship will also be provided.

Documents Required: Aadhar Card, proof of residence, parents’ death certificates, education-related documents, age certificate and relative’s contact number. The government, based on the data available, gets in touch with eligible children or their relatives. So far, 113 children have been found eligible for this scheme.

Scholarship For Farmers’ Children

This scheme is aimed at providing financial aid to the children of farmers of Karnataka for their higher education.

Name Of Scholarship: Karnataka Farmers Child Scholarship Scheme

Eligibility: Must be a permanent resident of Karnataka; must have completed Class 10 and currently studying in higher classes. The applicant cannot hold any other state scholarship and if they have already won this scholarship to pursue a postgraduate degree in a specific subject, they cannot apply again for another subject.

Documents Required: Birth certificate, previous year’s marks sheet, higher education registration certificate issued by the school or college, and ID proof like Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card and Farmer ID Card. A photograph of the applicant and bank details of the school or college where they are studying.

What It Covers: The scheme covers a range of annual scholarships. These are listed below:

  • Boys enrolled in PUC (Classes 11 and 12) or Industrial Training Institute (ITI) programmes will get Rs 2,500, while girls will get Rs 3,000 per year.

  • Boys taking admissions in BA, BSc, BCom, MBBS, BE, and various other professional programmes will get Rs 5,000, while girls will get Rs 5,500.

  • Boys taking admission in Law, Paramedical Science, Nursing and other vocational courses will get Rs 7,500, while girls will get Rs 8,000.

  • The scholarship amount for boys and girls pursuing post-graduation will be Rs 10,000 and Rs 11,000 respectively.

The scholarship amount will be disbursed to the bank account of the institution — school or college — where the candidate is studying.

How To Apply: Visit the official website and select the ‘Scholarship Program for Farmer Children’ under the ‘Online Services’ section.

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Scheme for Girls

The main objective of this scheme is to promote girl children, improve their health and upbringing in families living below the poverty line (BPL) and to raise their status within the family and society.

Name Of The Scheme: Bhagyalakshmi Scheme

Eligibility And Documents Required: This is for girl children in elementary school, Classes 1 to 8. The candidate needs a valid birth certificate, a BPL card and a ration card. The girl must not be employed anywhere as child labour and must not be married. The family she comes from must not have more than two children and a maximum of two girls per family will receive financial assistance under the scheme. The principal of the school she is attending must certify that she is studying in a class from Class 1 to 8. The girl has to complete Class 8.

Should have been born after 31 March, 2006.

Submit an undertaking or acknowledgment provided by the school headmaster that she is studying in a class from Class 1 to 8.

What It Covers: The Bhagyalakshmi Scheme covers the following:

  • Health insurance cover up to a maximum of Rs 25,000 per year

  • The annual scholarships of Rs 300 to Rs 1,000 till Class 10. These are the scholarship amounts by class:


Scholarship Amount (In Rs)

1 - 3






6, 7




9, 10


  • Parents will get Rs 1 lakh in case of accident and Rs 42,500 for the natural death of the beneficiary

  • When the girl turns 18 years old, she will get Rs 34, 751.

Who Can Apply: Parent or guardian of the girl child

How To Apply: By contacting the Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the respective districts or the local Child Development Project Officer (CDPO).

Financial Aid For Studying Abroad

This scheme provides financial assistance to Scheduled Caste students who secure admission into foreign universities to study abroad.

Name Of Scholarship: Financial Assistance to the SC students who are selected by the foreign universities for higher education

Eligibility: The scholarship is open only to permanent residents of Karnataka who belong to the Scheduled Castes. The candidate must also be under 35 years of age at the point the programme they are set to join begins.

The candidates must have passed their undergraduate or postgraduate programme with a minimum of 60% marks and secured admission in a reputed foreign university. Those holding ranks will be given preference.

Then, the total family income of the candidate or their parents or guardians should not exceed Rs 12,000 per month. This will have to be certified by the employer.

If two eligible applicants have the same marks or rank, the older of the two will be preferred for the financial aid.

What It Covers: The selected student will get a maximum of Rs 10 lakh, limiting to Rs 3.5 lakh per year.

The state funding will also cover air fare on Indian Airlines — once for going to the university at the start of the programme and again for returning to India upon its completion.

The scheme will cover tuition and other compulsory fees, expenditure on books, stationary, board and lodging.

Documents Required: Caste certificate, caste validity certificate from the District Social Welfare Officer, degree or postgraduation certificates and marksheets. If the candidate is a rank-holder, they must furnish a rank certificate.

Along with these, a candidate will have to submit admission letters or documents giving details of the university, expenditure estimates, and also a certificate stating they have no family member in the country where they are going to study.

How To Apply: The candidates will have to submit their application form along with documents to the Directorate of Social Welfare, Bengaluru. A selection committee will finally pick the candidates.

Benefits Under Karnataka State Students Welfare Fund

Karnataka’s State Students’ Welfare Fund offers a range of scholarships based on merit, means and interests.

  1. National Talents Scholarship: For students (studying in Class 10) who passed the state-level NTS exam (NTSE Karnataka) but were unsuccessful at the national level. They get a scholarship of Rs 2,000 per annum for two year.

  1. Merit Scholarships: School students who secure the highest marks at the district level in state board exams receive cash awards. The top 10 students — five each in English and Kannada-medium — in a district in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination (Karnataka Class 10 SSLC Exam) will receive Rs 2,000 each. The top six students in each of the three streams, Science, Arts and Commerce, in the Pre-University Course (PUC) exam will get Rs 3,000 each.

Scholarships, Loans, Financial-Aid: Telangana

Telangana, too, has a scholarship for students going abroad to study and several more.

Study Abroad Scholarship For Minority Communities

Name of Scholarship: Chief Minister’s Overseas Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

Eligibility: The students must belong to any of the religious minority communities —Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Parsi. Plus, the annual income of the applicant’s guardian must be less than Rs 5 lakh per year.

This scholarship is for students to pursue postgraduate and research programmes in universities located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, New Zealand and South Korea. The applicant should not be older than 35 years on July 1 of the academic year and this scheme will cover only one student per family. Ultimately, 50 students will be picked per year, 25 for the spring in-take, 25 for fall.

Academic Requirement For PG Students: To be eligible, they must have first completed a degree in any of these with a minimum of 60 percent marks or equivalent grade: Engineering, Agriculture Sciences, Management, Pure Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Students who already hold a postgraduate degree in a Humanities subject and are seeking admission to a second PG degree course are also eligible. 10 percent of the Telangana Chief Minister Overseas Scholarships are reserved for Economics, Accounts, Humanities, Arts and Law students.

Academic qualification for PhD Courses: The students should have completed a PG course and earned at least 60 percent marks or equivalent grades in any of these: Engineering, Management, Pure Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Test Scores: Both groups of candidates should have cleared the required proficiency and competency tests with the following scores:

  • TOEFL: 60

  • IELTS: 6.0

  • GRE: 260

  • GMAT: 500

What It Covers: Rs 20 lakh and a one-way ticket fare per year.

How To Apply: After the notification is issued by the government, those interested can apply through the state’s Epass website following instructions as given there.

The students selected for Telangana Chief Minister Overseas Scholarship Scheme are also eligible for an educational loan of Rs 5 lakh from any nationalized bank at a minimum rate of interest.

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Study Abroad Scholarship for Backward Classes Students

Name of the scheme: Mahatma Jyothiba Phule BC Overseas Vidya Nidhi

This scheme will be sanctioned to 300 BC Students every year and is open to all eligible graduates who wish to pursue Postgraduate studies abroad.

Eligibility: The annual family income of the applicant should be less than Rs 5 lakh and the applicant should not be older than 35 years on July 1 of the year the scheme is advertised and must have a valid passport. A candidate can win this scholarship just once. The candidate should have secured admission in an approved foreign university in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Singapore.

Academic Requirements: The applicant should have secured at least 60% marks or equivalent grade in any of these degree programmes: Engineering, Management, Pure Sciences, Agriculture Sciences, Medicine and Nursing, Social Sciences, and Humanities. The candidate should also have valid TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT scores where applicable.

Conditions: Once the scholarship is awarded, they have to join the programme within one year of being informed about their selection. If they don’t, the scholarship will be cancelled. The applicant cannot change the course of study either.

What it Covers: The selected students will receive the living expenses which can also be used for obtaining visas. A total of Rs 20 lakh will be disbursed in two installments, the first Rs 10 lakh upon the student’s submitting a landing permit or immigration card (I-94). The second installment of Rs 10 lakh will be paid once the student produces their first semester results.

The student will also be eligible for an education loan of Rs 10 lakh from any nationalized bank at prevailing rates of interest.

How to Apply: Eligible students can apply through the state's Epass website.

Pre-Matric Scholarship For Scheduled Caste Students

This scheme aims to financially support SC students' school education to ensure they continue with their studies.

Name of the scheme: Pre-Matric Scholarship For Scheduled Caste Students

Eligibility: Must belong to a Scheduled Caste and be studying in Class 9 or 10 in a government or any recognised school. The student’s family income should not exceed Rs 2.5 lakh per annum.

What It Covers: Scholarship and adhoc grants for day scholars as well as hostel residents as per the following pattern:

  • Days scholars will receive a scholarship of Rs 150 per month. The amount can be raised to Rs 225 per month.

  • Students staying in hostels will get Rs 350 per month, which can be raised to Rs 525 per month.

  • Adhoc grants for both of these components, Rs 750 per annum for day scholars and Rs 1,000 per annum for hostel residents. These amounts cannot be enhanced.

How To Apply: Eligible students can apply through the state's Epass website.

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