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Any internce exam is required for llm admition

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Hyy sir, 


DU LLM Delhi University (DU)

First of all, LLM entrance exams (Including CLAT PG) are multiple choice objective type exams based on the entire LLB syllabus. These exams are more ‘Memory biased’, since there are no quants / analytics based questions.

Extensive theory is not the best way to prepare for multiple choice based exams of this type.

The ideal approach would be to solve as many MCQs as possible, covering the entire syllabus, with focus on the critical areas and solve all the previous papers you can find.

Solve at least two mock tests every day and after you have finished, re-attempt the ones from the previous day till you can blindly click on the right answer without thinking too much.

After all, almost 85% of the questions are repeats / variants from previous years or derived from ‘important questions’ from other similar exams

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