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Best book for preparing DU JAT entrance exam

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Arunima Singh 2 months ago

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Hi Vipin, as per my knowledge, the best prparatory book for you to refer for the DU JAT exam is the prep book from Arihant. However, I would like to add here that your board results play a predominant role in your selection as well, therefore, focus on them and devote ample time to them. Secondly, GK is often the make or break section of the exam, so, it will be beneficial for you to keep in touch with news regularly, read The Economic Times and The Hindu everyday as according to me they will cover all the happenings in their entirety. 

Lastly, refer to previous years’ question papers as they will give you a fair idea of the kind of questions that you can expect and the difficulty level of each section. Past papers are also a great way to revise whatever you have studied and gives you a fair idea of how well you can perform in the actual exam.

I hope this helps you and I wish you all the best for your exam. For any query, please feel free to continue the thread! :)

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Aman Raj

Aman Raj 2 months ago

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Right now, you must focus majorly on your boards because it will play a huge role in your selection. And then, whenever you feel bored of your academic studies go through any english newspaper( preferably The Hindu or The Indian Express) especially the editorial part. Go through some news headlines daily that will help you not only in competition but also in your ENGLISH exam if any article comes up. So, this will be for your verbal part and General Awareness part.

For now, you have to focus on these two parts only because these are the two major sections which will require time to get adjusted to and this will help in the long run even. Apart from your academics you must devote around 1 hour towards this and you will be done with your 50% of your JAT exam.

Other two parts will be focused later on, once you will be free from your boards.

Good luck. Prepare well. 

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