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Best branches of nit silchar in placement

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Aman Raj 1 month ago

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Hello Pankaj

The decision solely rests upon you. I would also recommend you to take CSE placement wise and considering all other factors whether be it seniors from coding club giving you programming classes to get you on the edge along with vast online resouces or the strong alumni network where a number of them works in leading software giants. But as I said the decision must be yours and yours only. Once you join NIT Silchar learning will never be a problem if you choose to remain active throughout the 4 years.

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Oishik 1 month ago

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Hello Sir. In general, the overall placement is good over there.

The trendy branches as per the placements and number of companies visit at the campus are of below order:-

CSE > Mechanical > ECE > CE > EEE

Not sure about the new branches if it has opened there.

So, CSE has the best placement, so many big companies like SAP, Goldman, Samsung, Oracle, Sony and more, visit campus and recruit CSE and ECE graduates.

For mechanical, the placement is very good because of PSU companies and several other private companies like Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, etc.

ECE placements are also very good because ECE guys can sit in several software and IT companies apart from ECE core one. For ECE guys, there is a suggestion, try to study programming and DSA from the very beginning if you don't find ECE more interesting for yourself. This will help you in getting placed in top software companies of more than 10 LPA packages.

These days Electrical and Civil placements are not good or say it's not like before because the batch strength has increased but compared to their strength it didn't witness the increase in the number of companies in past few years. Also, the companies visiting for Civil and Electrical are very choosy in the interview procedure and recruit very less. Because of IT companies, they increase their branch placement percentage. So, no need to worry if you have any of these branches, from the very first year make your aim to crack Gate/IES. Competition is tough but your hard labor would beat it for sure.

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