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Can anyone get admission in technical course in German University with low CGPA?

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Shraya Singh 3 months ago

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While applying for admission in German universities, a number of aspects of the application are considered of which GPA is only one. Although a minimum GPA requriement is generally defined for each university for incoming students, sometimes exceptions are made by the admissions committee.

Despite this, it is important to note that exceptions are made only if your application is exceptionally strong in other areas which includes:

  • standardized test scores
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • statement of purpose
  • letters of recommendation
  • resume/CV

Additionally, if your application is especially strong and promising in the area of study which you are applying for, then the admissions committee may overlook a lower GPA.

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sunil m 3 months ago

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hello shadesh01,

it is not possible because ,GPA is the nature of the ace's proposal. In the event that you have an extremely solid ace's proposal, you will probably get some enthusiasm from the gathering in which you did the postulation work to proceed for a designing, if there is a vacant position accessible. A powerless evaluation on the proposition for the most part is an indication of unsatisfactory execution, which is probably going to result in not being considered for a position, regardless 

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