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Can I enroll my self in AIBE directly after completing my law degree or I need to get the state bar council enrollment first?

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Aman Tripathi 1 month ago

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Hello devanshi ,
No you cannot enroll directly to all india bar council registration without registering to state bar council .
And for more information and eligibility criteria visit section 24 of advocates act .
Hope my answer will be helpful.

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DEEPALI KIR 1 month ago

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Hello Devanshi,
As per section 24 of Advocates Act, a person shall be qualified to enroll as advocate if he fulfills the following conditions:
1. He is a citizen of india.
2.He has attained the age of 21 years.
3.He has completed his bachors in law.
4.He has paid the required stamp duty, which chargeable under the Indian Stamp Act,1899 and an enrollment fees payable to state bar council.
Hope this helps.
Good Luck.

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