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Can you share the structure of toefl exam along with some study tips or guidance?

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Sumedha Saxena 2 months ago

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Hello GavhaneMadhuri,

Structure of the TOEFL iBT Test:

  • TOEFL iBT is a four hour computerised examination testing you in four sections, namely reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • Each section is of one hour each. Each section is of 30 marks. The TOEFL result which you will you get will score you out of 120.
  • The reading section lasts for 60-80 minutes comprising of 36-56 questions. In this section you are suppose to read three to four accademic comprehensions and answer questions based on them.
  • Listening section last for 60-90 minutes comprising of  34-51 questions. In this section you are suppose to listen to conversation between people in different settings. You need to familiarize yourself with American, Australian and Canadian English accents.
  • Between the listening and the speaking sections each student appearing needs to take a 10 minute compulsary break. The time is cut out during this break. The time will not be paused for an y other breaks you take during the test.
  • The speaking section is of 20 minutes comprising of six tasks. These tasks make you speak on a familiar topic and on reading and listening tasks.
  • The writing section is of 50 minutes and it comprises of two tastks. The two taks include writing an essay based on a topic you are familiar with and an opinion essay on an issue given to you.
  • It is advised that you take notes during the sections, especially the listening section because you are very likely to forget what the discussion in the segment was about. You will be provided with a rough paper and pencils during the test which you will have to return back after the test gets over.

How to prepare?

  • Have a score in mind so that you give the practice tests keeping that goal in mind. Once you check your practice test you will know what necessary improvements you need to make to your score in order to reach the goal you have set.
  • Get a study guide in order to effective practice your abilities. For reading, underline and mark important points, take notes and check your answer with the answer key later. For listening take note so as you don't forget what the speakers are saying, get fmiliar with their accent. For writing, jot doen points and brain storm properly before you start writing. For speaking, answer the exact question which is being asked, keep it simple.
  • Read for thirty minutes everyday. Try reading non-technical english. Read story archives this has many stories from CNN for ESL learners, or read breaking news. Try summarizing and comprehending whatever you read. Reading will also help you improve your vacobulary.
  • Practice listening to Englsh with your goal in mind. Try understanding and comprehending whatever you listen to into ideas, purpose, transitions, stresses and intonations. Listen to speeches given by people in order familiarize yourself with their accent.
  • Try speaking in English at all times. speak in English with others and ask them to correct at all time you make a mistake.
  • Practiced timed writing before the test. Give twenty-five minutes to each topic. During evaluation review your grammar and spelling errors, review sentence formation. Write in English everyday and take help from teachers or friends.
  • Keep taking practice tests to test your progress. Keep a record of your progress and work for the goal you have set.

All the best!

I hope this helps!

Do revert back in case of any doubts.

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Anmol Vig 3 months ago

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Hi Aspirant! For the pattern of TOEFL 2019 and related information, kindly go through the article by Careers360 whose link is given below. It has all the details like pattern, number of questions, etc , kindly visit 


I hope this information has helped you :)

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