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Could one be able to crack PU ballb entrance test in 20 days to get admission in UILS Chandigarh?

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Hii,Well the syllabus for PU BA LLb entrance exam includes four sections. The four sections are as given below-

1. English 10 marks and 10 Questions 

2. General Knowledge & Current affairs 60 marks and 60 Questions 

3. Legal Aptitude 20 marks and 20 Questions

 4. Mental ability 10 marks and 10 Questions 

English- The English section of BA LLB entrance exam for PU is easy with basic grammar and vocabulary questions. It includes synonyms, idioms, phrases, Jumbled words etc. You can practice the same from an all inclusive guide only. You don't need a separate book for the same

Mental Ability- The weightage of this section is also less, also the questions are very easy if you compare it to other exams like CLAT. Take a look at the previous year questions to understand the level and pattern of questions. It would involve basic interpretation and reasoning questions. A separate book won't be necessary for this section too. An all inclusive guide will be sufficient.

Legal aptitude- This sections includes basic questions related to law like Constitution, legal maxims and more. You can use the all inclusive guide for this section as well. Also solve the previous year questions to see the recurring questions.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs- For this entrance focus more on Static GK than on Current affairs.  If you look at the previous year question papers then you will be repeating questions too. There are morr static GK questions. For that you can use the Consized sized Pearson or Lucents book. Try solving previous year papers too.

For preparation you can use An All Inclusive guide like Univeral's guide to CLAT and LLB. This book would be sufficient for preparation. Although this book contains many things outside the syllabus too as it covers most of the other entrances like CLAT too. Hence try to stick to the syllabus. Also, you need to make sure that you go through the Previous year questions papers and practice the sample papers well.

As you have two months, it will be sufficient to prepare for PU BA LLB entrance exam. Make sure you pay attention to the General knowledge section. Go through the material well. Other than that you can slo go for online quizez on static GK to practice. This section would require more attention. The weightage of it is also more. You can practice rest of the  sections alongside.

Hope,this information willl helpful for you.Goodluck.

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