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Do NIT's and IIT 's accept NATA score?If yes which colleges?

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Pradeep kumar 1 year ago

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Hii Niharika, 
The below link provides the list of some good colleges accepting NATA score.
Hope it helps!

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Nitheesh Yennampelly
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Hey Bukka,

IITs and NITs have their own entrance test for admission to all undergraduate programs 
so these colleges don't accept NATA score for admission to B.Arch. or B.Plan.

IITs, NITs, SPA and only few other engineering colleges don't accept NATA score. 

But, there are a good number of institutions nation wide that accept NATA score 
for admission in B.Arch. and B.Plan. courses. 

You can obtain the list of institutions accepting NATA score from the following website. 
Source: http://entrance-exam.net/forum/graduation/if-i-score-good-nata-then-can-i-get-into-iits-nits-1555345.html#ixzz5J8Ik6ALI

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