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Does nift entrance exm has negative marking ?

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Shoaib Sayyad 13 days ago

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hi there Samyuktha,

if you want to get admission at NIFT you have to appear for two written tests which are objective type which are General Ability Test (GAT) and Creative Ability Test(CAT).apart from these there can also be another test known as Situation test.

CAT NIFT is a 180 minutes exam

GAT NIFT is between 120 minutes to 180 minutes

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Ananthu Anil 13 days ago

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No, unlike the NDA or JEE exams NIFT doesn’t have negative marking even though it is a multiple choice based examinatio. Just keep up to date with your fashion trends and news and English grammar and you can crack NIFT.

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UTKARSH DUBEY 13 days ago

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Hello Samyuktha

There is no negative marks in this exam,

To know more about the NIFT entrance and their procedure folloe the link:https://design.careers360.com/exams/nift-entrance-exam

If any queries remain than comment below.

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Nitheesh Yennampelly
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Hey Samyuktha Gayathri,

National institute of fashion technology exam has No negative marking and by the way nift entrance exam consists of multiple choice questions and some situational questions and mostl the  Good news is that there is no negative marking

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