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Hello I want to become a journalist in a media sector of odisha Which course should I choose ??

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mona chakraborty

mona chakraborty 10 months ago

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Mona ChakrabortyLast Seen: 9 months 2 weeks agoJoined on: 20-May-2015Education Interest: B.E /Btech.Education Level: Class 12

YOU SHOULD TAKE UP A COURSE OF THE LANGUAGE YOU WANT TO CHOSE...also keep a good rapport in ooriya....f you want to be working in the media sector in Odisha, you should be proficient in Oriya/Odia language especially for print media.it would help you communicate well and write/report if you are fluent on Odia.

also, try internship in local media houses

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Rama Lakshmi 10 months ago

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Rama LakshmiLast Seen: 3 weeks 2 days agoJoined on: 27-Aug-2013Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: Class 12

Just adding a bit more, if you want to be working in the media sector in Odisha, you should be proficient in Oriya/Odia language especially for print media. Even if your chosen language of reporting is English, if would help you communicate well and write/report if you are fluent on Odia. 

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Pankaj Goyal 10 months ago

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Pankaj Goyal Last Seen: 6 months 13 hours agoJoined on: 05-Feb-2018Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: Graduate & Above

Hello Ganesh, First you can go for B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, and then Either go for PG/ Master's in Journalism and Mass Communication or Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication... This will help you to achieve your goal toward Journalist in a Media sector.


Journalism is fundamentally founded upon standards of truth, autonomy, and transparency. Mass communication tools such as radio, TV, portable, web-based social networking fall within the purview of mass communication.


In-terms of scope too Journalism and Mass Communication is worth pursuing... All the best



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Shreya Pandey

Shreya Pandey 10 months ago

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Shreya PandeyLast Seen: 10 hours 1 min agoJoined on: 08-Mar-2018Education Interest: Degree ProgrammesEducation Level: In Graduation
Hello student!
You can go for the following courses:
B.A. with Journalism 
Bachelor in Journalism (B.J)
Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)  3 yrs
B.A. with Mass Media 
B.A. in script writing
BA in Convergent Journalism
BA in Journalism and Communication Studies
B.sc in Mass Communication and Journalism
B.Sc in Mass Communication, Journalism and Advertising
Bachelor in Media Science
Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication (DJMC)  2 yrs
Diploma in Journalism (DJ)  1 yr
MA in Convergent Journalism
MA in Broadcast Journalism
MA in Journalism & Mass Communication
MA in Journalism
M.sc in Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism
To become a Journalist, candidate can complete a Bachelors in mass communication or mass media or journalism after +2 (12th). After completion in a related graduation field, candidate may complete Masters in journalism or mass communication
Top Colleges:
Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM), Bangalore
Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication (SIMC), Pune
Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), New Delhi
Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad
Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai
At very initial level, the candidate will get the salary of 5000  - 10000 per month. After getting experience in hand, he/she may get the Rs. 15,000 -  Rs. 25,000 per month. Many times the remuneration is depends on the reputation, status and salary policy of the organization. An expert having sound experience and good platform may earn the Rs. 50,000  Rs. 1,00,000 per month.
Good luck!

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