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Hi. I am a Maths-Bio Student in my 12th. I have a common doubt whether I can study BE Computer Science Engineering.I have no idea about

Related Computer field. Also I feel lack of interest or disinterested towards Coding/programming and other aspects of Computer Science. What are the difficulties I will face if I study CSE having no CS background till my 12th.? Kindly explain. Also If I feel disinterested even after knowing/ learning about the course What can I do? I am afraid whther I will choose wrong direction after my 12th. I am good in Maths, Physics and Biology. Kindly suggest some alternatives. So kindly answer my query.

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Hey !

If you are a PCMB student , then it is not a big problem because many students who opt for CSE have not studied CS earlier . But they develop interest steadily. But as i can see , you have mentioned that you are not interested in this. So it is not wise to choose a subject or branch in which you are not interested. And yes , CSE not studied in 12th coupled with no interest in it  , can create a  problem for you. But the majn thing is that , if you are not jnterested in CSE , then why are you going to opt for it. You can choose any other branch or field in which you are interested. You can go for biotechnology , civil or any other branch of engineering in which no programming is required.

But i am mentioning it again , go for CSE if and only if you are interested in it , as it is a matter of your career. Do not take decisions by coming into somebody's influence.

Hope i have resolved your query!

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