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Hi my name is sreenath i want to do btech on bharath university, chennai. How much education loan i get in that collage

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Shudhanshu Gupta
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Hello aspirant ,
I am here to clear your doubt before going through education loan firstly I want to tell you something  that
" see in yourself that are you really passionate about Btech "
if you are really passionate for Btech and intrigue to learn practical skills instead of theoritical skills then I definitely will suggest you to go through it if you find yourself little bit confuse about doing Btech and going through Btech due to influenced by people  then first you should pause your decision because many peoples who have done their btech from very good colleges are unemployed yet because they were not serious about their course and they did btech because mob was going in it . if by default you fails to have job after completing btech and you did your btech through education loan then condition will be more complicated . if you have definitely decided to do btech on education loan and you have found your interest in it so you can check loan details with different banks accordingly on the below link

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SONI SUNNY ANANTKUMARLast Seen: 3 min 16 sec agoJoined on: 12-Jun-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

Yes sir, 

You may get loan for bhrath university, chennai as the loan details from axis bank are as follows

Rate of interest   :10.5 - 14.5%

Loan amount :10 Lacs (India) &75 Lacs (Abroad)

 duration:7 - 15 Years

But, atlast there are also other banking/finance company which offer loan with colateral and without collateral so,  as your question is related to loan. 

Yes, you definitely get the loan for this university as it depends on you to choose the loan as per your capacity and repayment time duration. 

Upvote and ask for any query without any hesitation 

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