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How many marks need to get in clat to DSNLU not rank please tell me marks

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Alok Mishra

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I would like to tell you that nobody can tell you exactly what will
be the cut-off mark and rank for a particular category or institute
as it keeps varying every year. One can only make guess on the basis
of previous patterns. Predicting about Cut-off rank is easier than
the cut-off mark as later is dependent on the difficulty level
of paper. According to the CLAT 2018 cut off for All India Unreserved
(General) Category for the first round of DSNLU
admissions, only those candidates were allotted a seat who scored
between 111-108.75 (Corresponding Rank 1180-1432). The cut off rank
varies depending upon the category and a All India general candidate secured admission
with 101.75 marks (Rank 2491) in Second
list for admission
. If you want to know previous cut-off mark for
any particular category I can provide you the same for CLAT 2018. I
hope it helps!

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