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How many marks should I get in VITEEE to join in cse

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Anik Das

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Hello, please check out the following link for detailed info on VITEE cutoff: https://engineering.careers360.com/articles/viteee-cutoff

It is relatively very easy to crack as they often dont turn down aspirants.

However VITEE never announces any official cutoffs. Last admitted ranks if any may change every year depending on many factors like:

  • difficulty level (doesnt change), no. of applicants applied and/or appeared (may change), previous year trends, 

A rank of around or below 10,000 (phase 1), 1,00,000 (phase 2 or above) may be considered safe for admission into main campus of VIT as per previous year statistics. 

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Mansi arora

Mansi arora 1 month ago

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Hello dear,
Since you have not mentioned your category,so I am assuming that. You are from general category
Since VITEEE has not released its cutoff for 2019 session 
So here we are providing previous year cutoff which will surely help you in analys your admission chances 
You might be aware the cutoff slightly changes every year ,so with previous year cutoff you can predict this year cutoff also
VIT Vellore 
Fir general category
Branch.          2016 cutoff.          2015 cutoff 
Cse                7000.                        15000
for VIT Chennai
Branch.             2016 cutoff.         2015 cutoff 
Cse.                    14000.                   33000
Hope it helps 

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Tanmoy Munshi 1 month ago

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Hey there,

To get CSE in VIT you need to have:

  • VIT University, Vellore Computer Science and Engineering 15000 ranks
  • VIT University, Chennai Computer Science and Engineering 33000 ranks

To obtain that that rank you need to have these marks:

  • 118+     rank 250-1
  • 113 — 117 Marks rank 500-250
  • 90 — 113 Marks  rank 2,500- 501
  • 81 — 90 Marks rank 5,000-2,501
  • 72 — 81 Marks rank 5,001- 6,500
  • 60 — 72 Marks rank 6,501- 8,500
  • 43 — 60 Marks rank 8,501- 11,000
  • 31 — 43 Marks rank 15,001-20,000
  • Less than 31 Marks  rank 20,000

Hope that helps 

All the best

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Humera 1 month ago

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There are various factors which are taken into consideration before preparing the cutoff, such as:

Difficulty level of VITEEE 2019

Previous year trends

Total number of candidates appeared for the entrance exam

Total number of seats available

Total number of applicants applied for the entrance exam

The closing rank in 2016 was 7000.  It was 15000 before that. The cut off changes every year.

Check out the link below:


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Divyansh masiwal
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To get into CSE at VIT-Vellore in category 1, you should get around 95–100 marks. Since the competition is increasing the marks may also increase. This is just a stats from previous years so may change.

The charity also works there for other categories.

Visit the below-provided link to check opening and closing rank for VITEEE:-


All the best!!!!

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Harshit Kumar Dubey
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Hi aspirant,

Since VITEEE is held in slots and not a single paper is there. Therefore it is not possible to predict marks at which you would get CS because marks are normalized on the basis of the difficulty of paper that day and then on the basis of rank seat allotment is done. To get CSE in Vellore your rank should be less than 7000. You can check the cutoff in the link below:


All the best

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