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How many seats in BSC(computer applications)

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Myneni.pavan 18 days ago

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hi aman kumar,

Will you please mention the college name so we can guide you.

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Lavanyakarthi 19 days ago

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heyy amankumar can you mention what college...so that i could say the exact seat in bca of that college..!!

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Anandhu J 26 days ago

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There are many colleges that provide B.Sc. in Computer. As you have not given the name of college, it would be difficult to tell you the exact number of seats for this course. The number of seats varies with the college. Generally colleges provide 30 to 40 seats for Bachelors degree.

The best way to know the exact number of seat is to mention the college name or, visit the official wensite of college and find number of seats by clicking the link for knowing the details of your course.

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