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How to make preparation of class10th neet entrance Examination

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Dr.Debtanu Banerjee
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To start your preparation from class 10 itself you need to follow some standard books like Arihant in physics, op Agarwal in chemistry and the Dinesh series or Pradeep in biology along with Truman
you have to start of when making your room notes and maintain copy specific for each subject and chapter wise in special attention to the chaptersof wave optics and mechanics, thermodynamics modern physics and electromagnetism along with current electricity in physics
the chapters of p, d and f block elements along with metallurgy is important in inorganic chemistry where as the chapters of chemical kinetics and energetics along with molarity as well as atomic structure are important in physical chemistry
inorganic chemistry the chapter of hydrocarbons with alkanes alkenes and alkynes, carbonyl compounds and reaction mechanisms along with nomenclature are of prime importance
you also need to pay special attention to the chapters on animal physiology of higher reptiles, phylogenetic classification of the different animal kingdoms the chapters of photosynthesis in plant physiology, the chapters on genetics and molecular biology techniques, the microbiological life cycles of parasite such as leishmania and plasmodium,the chapters on animal physiology including neurology, cardiovascular system and endocrine system which are of prime importance and scoring chapters in biology
I will advise you to develop concept based learning instead of simply learning of facts because they will not enter your memory or be retained for a long term which is very essential if you are taking up medical science because you will be requiring the basic at every stage of your curriculum
of course the best way of learning is regular practice and institutions like Aakash and Allen through the elite courses gives you an overall revision and enough opportunity to test yourself and get a rank amidst different students across the country along with preparing a self in a stage wise manner
you notes which you make yourself can also be your bored of preparation if you do not like institution based teaching but you will have to maintain a street resume of doing at least 2 to 3 hours of each of physics chemistry and biology everyday by dedicating the morning hours to use of physics and biology and India day with chemistry so that you stay in regular touch with the subjects and keep revising the notes which you have made in your own copies as a mode of self study
whatever be the case you will have to keep yourself focused and keep giving mock MCQ based examinations which are time bound so that it helps you with your question selection and time management skills which are essential in reducing your negative marking and helping you get the maximum potential out of your abilities.
Thank you,hope it helps

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Hi Sadif

It's good to see that you're so serious about your preparation. Class 10th can be a foundation year for your actual preparation in class 11 and 12. 

NEET has three sections of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You can start with trying to understand the concepts already so that they won't cause you many problems in later years. You can also start solving some practice questions after understanding the concepts.

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Dhameer Bhatia 11 days ago

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Hello Sadif Ali, If you are a medical aspirant studying in Class 10 and wondering how to start preparing for NEET from Class 10, you are at the right place. Securing a very good rank in exams like NEET needs one to prepare seriously right from the beginning. Although the Class 10 syllabus is not included in NEET, it forms the foundation for what you are going to study in your Class 11 and 12. Having a strong foundation in your Class 10 syllabus will definitely help you understand the concepts and topics of Class 11 and 12 syllabus upon which the NEET syllabus is based. You have to focus on your Science subject while you are in Class 10 – understand all the concepts in details and solve sufficient questions. This will clear your basics and you will be able to easily understand the detailed explanation of the same concepts in Class 11 and 12 as well as other related concepts.

Hope this will help.

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