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How to prepare for this exam to secure above 95 percentile in May session?

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Yash Gupta

Yash Gupta 1 month ago

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Hello Prashant,

PGI entrance is different from the rest in many ways. The kind of questions on their exam are not lifted from the preparatory books directly. 

They are brain storming, mind boggling and most of them will give a good exercise to your brain. I’d call their exam a really good one.The percentile and the cut off is really low, It all depends on the questions and the fact that they’re generally based on recent articles and journals.

The general points for PG preparation that should be considered are:

  1. The syllabus should be finished at least once (with crisp study material for final revision, mostly notes) around one month before the exams.
  2. Keep last one month for revision only.
  3. An average of 6 to 8 hours (focused) per day is sufficient for studies. There should be no use of social media (facebook, whatsapp or any other distraction) during these hours. Take small breaks after every 1.5 to 2 hours of study. 
  4. Keep ONE DAY OFF EVERY WEEK. It increases the productivity of remaining 6 days.
  5. Most importantly, give around half an hour for revision daily for the topics you have studied on that particular day. Revising same day helps in incorporating that topic in long term memory.
  6. Try to practice around 100 MCQs daily without seeing the answers. You should match the answers after solving these. Seeing the answer side by side is likely to miss many concepts which are unlikely if you answer using your memory and concepts.
  7. One more area where most of the students waste a lot of time without any gain is regarding controversial questions. For some questions, different books mention different answers. Please don’t waste time on such questions and just remember any one which seems logical to you. Students keep on searching plethora of books for these questions and still are confused. Even if you are able to find out some source, you still won’t be sure that whether the examiner has made question from that book or not. Remember, that’s why these questions are controversial. So, I will suggest not to waste time on such questions.
  8. In any competitive examination, even if there is negative marking, attempt all the questions in which you have zeroed down to 2 options.

Some Useful tips :-

  • Try not to overattempt the paper and save ample time so that u can mark answers to each question.
  • One very important thing, try and avoid frameshift marking in the OMR sheet.

Hope this helps, All the best..

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Nupur Sehji 2 months ago

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Hi Prashant

Every year, for PGIMER Medical Exam, more than 1 lakh MBBS degree holders appear, but only a few get shortlisted. The exam is really tough and negative marking makes it even more difficult for the studets to give their best attempt. One should start preparing for the exams atleast 3 months before the date and proper schedule for the same should be set out so that you cover everything in your syllabus.


Below I will present a monthwise elaborative schedule for you. You can modify the schedule depending on your personal needs. You can cut on subjects you are well-versed with and invest the left-over time on your week subjects.

Month 1: Practice MCQ's relating to these minor topics -

  • Forensic
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesia
  • Psychiatry
  • Skin
  • Orthopaedics

Focus on concept clarity and detailed study on-- Medicine, Obs and gynae, Physio, Paeds.

MONTH 2- Emphasize more on strenthing your theory on these major topics-- Surgery, Patho, Anatomy, ENT, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, immuno.

MONTH 3- Revision  of full syllabus and practice of previous years papers will help you a lot. Ensure that you have one month in hand for revision and practicing of MCQs. As PGI is a theory and time intensive paper, brushing up on your concepts quickly is surely a nice idea.


  • Focus on completing your minor subjects first as it  will boost your confidence and make you ready for major subjects.
  • Divide and utilize yout time optimaly for preparation as some major topics like medicine and surgery will occupy a lot of time.
  • The last one month should be left for revision. Practice as many previous papers as possible.
  • Analyse the previous years' papers. There are some favorite topics of PGI, which are repeated every year. Make sure that you are 100% thorough with those topics.
  • Practice time management as the exam is very lengthy and many times students fail to complete.
  • Be thorough with your concepts and make proper notes for theory.
  • Study tables from your standard books of MBBS as PG guidebooks are not sufficient .

Dedication for 3-4 months of preparation,conceptual learning and practising time management will definitely help you score good marks.

Hope the information will guide you well.

Good Luck! :)

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