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I am a class 11 humanities student. i would like to study abroad for clinical psychology after my class 12. is there a possibility??

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PERIYA NAYAKI PLast Seen: 3 hours 1 min agoJoined on: 31-Oct-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

hi serene fernandez,

yes,there are some universities will offer undergraduate program for the indian students.but most of the universitites all over the world are ready to offer master's degree for the international students.

the duration of bachelor's degree will vary with different countries(3 or 4 years),the universities in US ,UK and canada offering 4 years of bachelor course.since the visa for USA has many restrictions than past years,you can go with uk or canada or germany.please refer the following university's official website:

  • harvard university
  • stanford university
  • yale university
  • university of cambridge
  • university of oxford
  • university of california
  • university of michigan
  • princeton university
  • university college london

if you gonna do Bachelor's degree in abroad,then you have to take some language tests like TOEFL etc.,this requirements also vary with different country and universities admission process.

if you're interested to do master in clinical psycology,then you have to bachelor of arts in psycology,nursing or any other medical courses.please check out all college's website,since each will require certain eligibility criteria for the international students.then another important eligibility required for the candidates is,they must have obtained atleast 55% in their bachelor's degree.

All the best!

note:if any links available,copy and paste it in the url bar of your browser.

I Hope this information will be useful to you.

if you need additional information,let us know to help you.

Thank you!!!:)

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