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I am an indian resident and want to appear for gmat. Is their any specification reagarding an indian student after clearing entrance exam.

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Rohit Roy 4 months ago

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Hi Aspirant,
Admissions in these schools happen on basis of GMAT, Essays & Interviews.
A combination of thisholy trinityhelps the admission committee judge the applicant on the primarily six parameters-
1. Academics
2. Work Experience
3. Goal Clarity
4. Diversity
5. Leadership
6. Communication.
You have to be very strong on most of these elements to secure admit. Sure, a weak area in an applicants profile may be offset by another very strong element. For instance weak academic record could be offset by a stellar work experience or a strong GMAT score.
However, overall profile of the applicant is very important. No single strong element can decide the outcome of your result. Do not rest on your laurels if you have a strong GMAT or undergraduate degree. Spend equal effort on making each element of your profile strong.
Try getting a work ex before and develop the habit of being an all rounder.
Do anything you can and want to,do it because it pleases you and not for the sake of the MBA.
Hope this helps.

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