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I am getting 550 to 600 in allen minor tests and around 560 to 570 in allen major tests. So how many marks can i get in neet UG 2019

Can i expect to get selected in a good college

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Dr.Debtanu Banerjee
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It is very difficult to exactly extrapolate your Allen marks into the NEET UG marks is the level of question paper of a pattern of questions and super added tension during the real examination can affect performance abruptly
Usually if you have a good practice of MCQ's and have usually been doing well in the Allen test series which is held across India and evaluate accurately your potential to perform at the all India level in MCQ based examinations, you should ordinarily do well in NEET UG examination
Something which I would like to tell you is definitely you need to give as many time bound insecure examinations to help yourself with the time management and question selection skills and also practice the hill portions of wave optics electromagnetism thermodynamics and mechanics in physics, carbonyl compounds and hydrocarbons inorganic chemistry, atomic structure and chemical energetics in physical chemistry, heavy block elements in inorganic chemistry, reproductive system, cardiovascular system digestive system and nervous system in Human Physiology, photosynthesis and plant physiology, phylogenetic classification and animal kingdom, biomolecules, microbiology chapters on the life cycles of plasmodium and other worms as well as recombinant DNA technology and genetics which are definitely forming a major part of your must do portions in NEET UG 2019
however if things go well and you do not make a mess in your final examination on the spot you should ordinary expect between 550 to 600 marks we should get you into any good college of your state availing the 85% state quota and also help you to get decent colleges availing all India quota in other states is well in which you do not have domicile but a bit practice animax in excess of 620 will get you into one of the premier colleges across India and I really hope you Om aim for the same my dedicating to 23 hours of each of physics of biology in the morning and that of chemistry at night  to give yourself the added edge
stay calm, revise what you have already studied on a daily basis and keep your mind fresh so as to be able to apply well to solve MCQs
Best of luck

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