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I got 186 marks in jee main april 2019, which best NIT or IIIT i can get admission, belongs to general cat

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Dear Aspirant, at this, marks your percentile might be around 98.1-99.5. At this percentile, your AIR would be around 7616-8616. According to previous years' trends and cutoff, at this AIR you might get admission in medium to lower ranked NITS and IIITS. Here is the list:-

1.NIT Nagpur

2.NIT Calicut

3.NIT Allahabad

4.NIT Durgapur

5.NIT Jaipur

6.NIT Kurukshetra

7.NIT Rourkela

8.NIT Jamshedpur

9.NIT Jalandhar

10.NIT Hamirpur

11.NIT Surat

12.NIT Goa

13.NIT Raipur

14.NIT Bhopal

15.NIT Puducherry

16.NIT Patna

17.NIT Agartala

18.NIT Sikkim

19.NIT Manipur

IIITS are:-

1.IIITM Gwalior

2.IIITDM Kanchipuram

3.IIIT Pune

4.IIIT Surat

5.IIIT Kota

6.IIIT Guwahati

7.IIIT Sri City

8.IIIT Una

9.IIIT Nagpur

10.IIIT Vadodara

11.IIIT Kalyani

12.IIIT Kurnool

13.IIIT Dharwad

For detailed cutoffs, you can check here:-


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