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I got 9.19Gpa in intermediate and I got 67 percentile in jee mains exam is there any chance to get a seat in sastra university ( thanjavur)

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Vansh Sethi

Vansh Sethi 4 months ago

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Vansh SethiLast Seen: 2 months 4 days agoJoined on: 28-Apr-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation
There is no such criteria ( minimum JEE marks) for admission in to SASTRA university . SASTRA university has a separate procedure through stream 1 and stream 2 .
Stream 1 .
70 percent seats of every branch are filled through stream 1 based on 12 th percentage ( 75 percent after normalisation ) + JEE mains score ( 25 percent )
For example
12 th percentage - 88 (CBSE) and JEE mains score is 80 .
Normalised percentage of board would be as follows
88 * 100/98.6 = 89.25
( Assuming percentage of topper is 98.6 )
Now 89.25 * 0.75 + 80 * 0.25 =86.94
This is your final score . AIR (SASTRA) is prepared based on this final score . There is a chance AIR up to 4000 .
If someone is a topper of board exam and his JEE mains score is 40 then final score would be 85 and AIR (SASTRA) would be above 5000 . It proves thatthere is no chance for JEE mains score below 40 in stream 1 .
Stream 2 .
30 percent seats of every branch are filled through stream 2 based on 12 th percentage .
There is very less chance for percentage below 95 in stream 2 .
I know your chances are less but your intermediate marks is good so you still stand a chance to get admission through stream 1.
I would recommend you to apply for sastra without any fear as I see a little possibility that you may get a seat there.
In case you don't,  you can apply for colleges like CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY, SHARDA UNIVERSITY, AMITY AND LPU.  They are also good colleges.

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Can I get sastra with 73% and 9.54 gpa


Sff Gg 4 months ago

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Answer is no in one word

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