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I think that I would give examination of neet after intermediate examination.but before it I want to prepare for NDA exam also.please guide

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The NEET syllabus contains chemistry, physics, biology of you 11 and 12th classes the clear information is given in our careers 360 website this is the link in which you can get clear information https://www.google.com/amp/s/medicine.careers360.com/articles/neet-syllabus/amp

Now you set the priority for the both exams and you go further.

Thank you.

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Vishnu Madhav TadepalliLast Seen: 4 months 2 weeks agoJoined on: 15-Jul-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

Hello,Karan Raj

First of all you set priority for both the exams which one is most important to you.

For NDA 2019 the syllabus has maths and general abijity .

The mathematical syllabus contains Trigonometry, Algebra, Differential calculus, Vector Algebra, Integral calculus and Differential equations, Statistics and Probability.

The general ability syllabus contains English, General knowledge, basic physics, chemistry, history and lastly current affairs.

The NEET syllabus contains A, Chemistry

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Supriya Kumari 6 months ago

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To appear for NDA exam, candidates must be between 16.5 to 19.5 years of age. The selection procedure of NDA comprises two stages – written exam and Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview. NDA written exam carries two papers, Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). Each test will be conducted for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The Mathematics paper will carry a total 120 questions while GAT paper will have 150 questions. The written exam will be conducted for 900 marks. As per marking scheme, candidates for the correct answer in mathematics will score 2.5 marks. For the correct answer in GAT, candidates will score 4 marks. For the wrong answer, 1/3 of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. To know the details about NDA 2019, check the link given - https://competition.careers360.com/articles/nda-2019

Thank you..!!

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Sanjana Surbhi 6 months ago

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In order to prepare for NDA, you must check the eligibility Criteria of NDA. If you are eligible, then you can start your preparations. To prepare for the exam, you are advised to go through the syllabus as well as the exam pattern of the exam. As per the NDA exam pattern, there are two parts, Part A - English and Part B - General Knowledge. Part B comprises Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Freedom Movement etc, Geography and Current Events. 

To prepare well, you must make a proper routine, solve previous' years question paper, take online mock test and give equal attention to all the sections.

For more preparation tips - Click


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PERIYA NAYAKI P 6 months ago

PERIYA NAYAKI PLast Seen: 4 months 1 week agoJoined on: 31-Oct-2018Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

hello karan raj,

before knowing about NDA preparation,you should know the eligibility requirements needed for NDA:

  • https://competition.careers360.com/articles/nda-eligibility-criteria

NDA exam:

it is conducted by UPSC commission,it is sort of  recruitment/gateway to the inidan army/navy,airforce etc.,it is conducted twice in a year.you'll be having two sections:

written test has,


total no.of questions:120

total marks:300

this section will consists of following concepts,

  • integral calculus
  • algebra
  • vector
  • trignomentry
  • statistics
  • probability
  • differentiation
  • analytical geometry

for this exam,all you've to do is be clear on basics.they will ask from the basic concepts only,so be sure of that.the big difficulty in this section is to have effective time management.you should learnt to have proper time management for this section,you should solve a problem within less than a minute.dont try more mock test,just be sure of concept and practice.

ii.general ability test:

total no.of questions:150

total marks:600

it has  2 parts,


this also consists very basic vocabulary ,grammer usage and comprehension type questions only.please try to read daily english news papers(hindu),it is enough to improve your english language skill,it will definitely improve your fluency.

2.general knowledge:

this exam is to check the candidate's general knowledge and their insight in the current affairs.this will have following things,

  • indian history
  • physics
  • geography
  • general science
  • chemistry 
  • current events

to clear this exam,you should be aware of most popular events and updated with latest news and trendings.please try to have online blog reading as your hobby,it will be most useful.

the duration of each section is 2 1/2 hours separately.please refer the following link,to get the details such as exam pattern etc.,

after these,you'll face one special kind of exam known as intelligence and personality test.

this test evaluates the personality,intelligence and mentality of a candidate.in this exam ,they will consider your reactions to the situations,pressure handling,approach(technical or logical),sense of responsibility.to clear this exam,do self estimation or take psychological tests to know yourself.more you know yourself,more you can control your emotions and gestures.you can groom yourself through this.

related links:

  • https://competition.careers360.com/exams/nda#pattern
  • https://competition.careers360.com/articles/nda-question-papers
  • https://competition.careers360.com/exams/nda/articles
  • https://competition.careers360.com/articles/best-books-prepare-for-nda

this last link will provide you the details of best books for NDA preparation.please refer the given links one by one.you'll get more information and you may get better tips too..

all the best!

note:if any links available,copy and paste it in the url bar of your browser.

I Hope this information will be useful to you.

if you need additional information,let us know to help you.

Thank you!!!:)

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