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I want to prapare for IELTS for job in australia and want to learn general English-speaking

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Abhishek Mogaveera
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Hello Harish,

Below I've mentioned some tips for speaking in English:

  • Start with believing in yourself. Stop thinking about what will people think if you make a mistake and so.
  • Listen. Speak. Read. Write. Repeat. Continue this habit and it would make a great impact on your life
  • Keep your ears open. You can learn English through the movies, the weather forecast, the sports commentary. Everything can help a little to your vocabulary.
  • Make the mirror your best friend. Start practicing in front of a mirror for boosting your morale.
  • Remember, even those who speak English fluently make grammatical mistakes. So do not worry if some grammatical error happens while speaking to someone. The important thing is to convey the message
  • Find an English newspaper and start reading daily and also learn a word a day
  • If you learn a new word, use the new word immediately to feel confident about it’s usage.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. Till it makes you perfect.

Hope this helps and all the very best to your future!

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