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If we prepare well for cat entrance exam then could we able to clear all similar test like mat gmat etc...

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Jesin J

Jesin J 19 hours ago

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Jesin JLast Seen: 6 hours 6 min agoJoined on: 18-Apr-2014Education Interest: MBAEducation Level: In Graduation

Hello. Well yes, to some extend you can clear all mba entrance exams in India with your CAT preparation. However, GMAT is a different ball game. The verbal section is grilling and it is more of a Computer Adaptive tes, which tests a candidate to a different level which is not done in the CAT exam. Hence,for GMAT, the mode of preparation should be different.

Hope this helps.

All the best.

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Nilanjan Banerjee
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Hi Sufiyan!!! I am glad to inform you that if you prepare for CAT entrance exam then 80% of the preparations for exams like gmat etc. is done but you have to prepare for the rest 20%. If we take the example of GMAT along with CAT., the CAT consists of 3 sections, whereas the GMAT has 4 sections which include an analytical writing assessment. Though both the GMAT and the CAT are computer-based tests, the GMAT is adaptive in nature whereas the CATisn't if we come to the difficulty,although the syllabus of CAT and GMAT are almost the same. However, the difficulty of the Quant section of GMAT is far lesser than that of CAT exam. Similarly, in the Verbal Section, there are more types of questions in GMAT than CAT. Here I listed the differences and similarities taking one example and I hope now it'll be easier for you to decide your course of action.

Thank you and all the best.

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