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IIT Gandhinagar CSE or IIT Kanpur mechanical

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Rehan Alam

Rehan Alam 29 days ago

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Dear Aspirant,

The choice is not simple in your case as the branches are quite different and have their own reputation other than college. It is a famous saying that "prefer branch over college", and if this is so, then choose the branch of your interest. If you are interested in coding, computers, softwares, etc., then go for IIT GN(CSE). However, if you are more inclined towards machines and mathematics, etc then go for Mechanical.

CSE as a branch, undoubtedly have an upper hand over mechanical, or for that matter better than any branch. So if you do not have any preference, then go for CSE. It has better career opportunities than most of the other branches.

In summary, it is all about your interest and not about college, if you are comparing colleges like these. However, IIT Kanpur is definitely a good college than IIT Gandhinagar, but if you are not interested in mechanical or not interested in any of the branch then go for IIT GN.

Hope this helps.

Thank You and all the best.

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