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I'm Preparing for IITs and taken a drop this year, also appearing for improvement exams. Recently, I decided to Apply for some foreign Univ.

I'm Facing Difficulties bcoz I don't know much about that as In my school such counselling was never done. I'm Confused about AP courses as whether to take them or not bcoz I'm Preparing for Jee Advanced which is in itself a class and requires all my time.

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Anurag Patel 2 months ago

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Hi Nomaan,

Since you are appearing for improvement exams as well as preparing for jee advanced, it is advisable that you let the AP courses take a back seat for a while. JEE advanced is on of the most sought after and difficult exams in the country and lakhs of students apply for it. So the competition there is really tough. Also, you said that jee advanced preparation takes up most of your time, so its better that you fully concentrate on your jee advanced. 

a well-taught AP class can prepare students for college-level courses, and many
AP courses contain challenging subject matter similar to what students would
encounter in a college class, 
exams are much less important to the college admissions process than most high
school students, counselors, and parents think.

So according to me, its better that you focus on youe JEE now.

Good luck

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