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Is Bennett university Noida good for journalism and mass communication

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The Mass Communication course is directly guided by The Times Group. We get the Times benefit that we were promised.

Most of the faculty is from there and thus are well versed with what goes inside the newsroom. Our faculty for Advertising Ms Shruti Jain has headed several advertising projects in various big advertising agencies.

Almost 60% of our course is based on practical work, and theory only takes the rest 40.

Proper equipment is important for studying this course, and the course provides it. They are best you can find on a basic level. Cameras, microphones, lenses, tripods, we are taught to use it all.

The course is set to prepare students for the needs of modern journalism. Courses like Solution Journalism makes the course really interesting with its field trips where we have to do some real journalism. Our University is the only one in India providing that. Why is solution journalism important? It is important because it is the journalism people want media houses to cover. We do stories of human interest. This year we had an assignment on the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan.

I’ll elaborate on how we get the benefits Times promised us. We work on the same Content Management System, the Times group works on. We had several top journalists from the Times Group coming in for guest lectures.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight that we hosted the Femina Miss India Sports Event in our college’s sports complex, and we interacted with them. We got to hold an interview with Mr Pullela Gopichand and Srikant Kidambi, the current world no 1 in the world in badminton.

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Kavya Reddy 26 days ago

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Yes ,it's absolutely good Aryan

Teaching here is perfect by the best minds in media.

Curriculum has been designed in consultation with top times group editors

Media software skills are perfectly learned here

Media trends with top managers 

Field trips to serve the purpose of news reporti g

Excellent placements.

Above points are to be noted while joining here.

Wish you a very bright future Aryan

Good luck.

Hope for the best always 

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Saadhvi 26 days ago

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Hey Aryan, 

Mass Comm. from its very name is different from other courses because along with Journalism ,the course also focuses on various other means of mass communication. The course is based on 60% practical and 40% theory, which means that students learn theoretically and then immediately put that in practical work.The course has been crafted by The Times of India group which focuses on creating industry driven graduates and employees. So, Mass Comm from Bennett University is the best pick for the course and university.

Hope this helped you 

Thank you and keep asking :)

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