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Is clat exam is applicable for govt colleges like "national institute of law " and others?if so how much percentage is required?

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Ankur Sehgal

Ankur Sehgal 2 days ago

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CLAT is a centralized admission test for admission to 19 National Law Universities of India and various other colleges accepting CLAT score. So, CLAT is acceptable for admission process in many top most law colleges in India.
Also, you need to score 135+ marks to get admission in NLSUI, Bangalore which is the top-most college to pursue Law course in India. Although, 120+ marks is a pretty decent score to land up in a good law college in India.
You can check the complete list of cut-off marks required to get admission in NLUI's: https://www.shiksha.com/law/articles/clat-2017-cut-off-blogId-12552 
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