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Is CSE and IS branch in engineering is same or different

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Juhi kumari

Juhi kumari 28 days ago

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Syllabus is ofcourse the major difference between CSE and IT. Some core subjects like Data structures,DBMS, Algorithms remain common in both the branches but while IT is about software and information,CSE, on the other hand has a different scope as it also about hardware working.
Let me show it with some subjects in university. First one is for CSE while the other one is for IT
  • Microprocessor/Information theory and coding
  • Computer graphics/Multimedia and animation
  • Computer organisation/Management of information systems
This might give you a little idea about the difference but this may vary across many universities and some times the line is very thin.
One reason to prefer CSE is that it would benefit you if you plan to sit for GATE. In IT you miss some really important subjects.
Subjects like computer organisation and microprocessor are very important for exams of ISRO and other PSU too. These subjects are not in syllabus of IT.

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Sourav Sinha

Sourav Sinha 28 days ago

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Dear Student,
See IT i.e..Information Technology and IS i.e..Information  Science are same branch.
If you visit any of the colleges in South India then you will get to know that there is a also a stream which is known as IS, I came to know about this when I went to Bangalore for COMEDK Counselling.
Now coming to your question IS and IT are same along with it CSE is near about 90% same. You will be taught same subjects till 3 years but at final year, the elective will be different for CSE and IT/IS branch.
Both of them are the best branches in any colleges or universities.
Both of them grab huge pay packages in campus placements.
But the demand of CSE branch are higher than IT or any other branches that's why the cut-off rank of CSE branch is too low(rank wise) for every colleges and universities.
I don't know why everyone run behind CSE tag?
Ok That's the difference between the two.
If you are more hungry about this information then I can help you
Check out  this link - https://www.google.nl/amp/s/engineering.careers360.com/articles/engineering-branches-computer-science-vs-it/amp

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Computer Science is creation of softwares and hardwares by using different programming skills.

IT is just the selection of the proper software or hardwares for the task

In other words CSE create the software and IT engineers use it to solve various problems.

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