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Is distance BCA worth it? even if I do a regular postgrad later on? Cause I've seen companies not hiring distance learners??

Im planning do my postgrad in a really good institute hopefully if i crack NIMCET or PGCET in MCA.

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Aman Yadav

Aman Yadav 2 months ago

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Hope you're doing great.

Distance education is yet to mark its excellence in India. There are numerous Universities offering distance learning courses e.g IGNOU, Sikkim Manipal University etc Most of the distance learning courses are non-technical and require less or negligible lab hours. Although, few such as BCA course, it's mandatory to dedicate a particular number of hours for lab experiments. It would be wrong to say that distance BCA worth nothing, ideally, if you're pursuing BCA from Indra Gandhi National Open University then it should be equivalent to any Undergraduate program.

The reason why most of the recruiter does not prefer distance learning is as follows: i) Many distance learning is not UGC approved and hence the quality education cannot be gauged properly, ii) Distance education doesn't have peer exposure hence, many people lack social intelligence if they had pursued their whole education through distance learning, iii) Distance learning doesn't groom students in developing advanced communication skills. Whatever may be the reason, distance learning is still an open option for those who can't afford standard education in college or University. 

Now coming back to the second part of the question, you want to know if you've completed Undergrad through distance learning and then pursue Postgrad full time then will there be program during placements? The answer is 'NO'. Once you'll start off with Postgrad nobody will question about your Undergrad education(unless you score really poor marks). You focus should be on scoring high marks in  NIMCET exam and study hard for the same. What happened in the past cannot be changed and it's fruitful to dedicate the precious time in moving ahead. At the time of placement, recruiters might be curious to know why did you choose distance education over standard during your Undergrad. You should justify your cause and you're good to go. 

P.S: Do make sure the college and University you're planning to pursue MCA accepts distance education. There have been cases where colleges deny admission based due to such a situation.

Hope, this will help. Do reach out in the comment section below in case you need any help.

All the best. Cheers!

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