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Is it worth joining upes dehradun

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Oishik 1 month ago

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Hello Sir.

First of all, the campus is so small that accommodating each and every student in campus hostel is impossible. The campus hostel accommodates about 400 students, The rest all live in PGs, private hostels, flats/houses ranging from 0-20 km away from the university. This is one of the major drawbacks of UPES. You must be wondering why I'm saying it's a drawback. Well, I will clear it out in a few points but before telling you that, let me tell you I have studied in a boarding school, so, I know what are the benefits and fun of living in the same campus. So, why it's a drawback:

  1. There's a huge communication gap.
  2. Students know their seniors/juniors only if they are from the same hostel / PG or from the same society (drama, computer club, etc) or from mutual friends in most of the cases.
  3. There's no community life after 6 PM since everybody goes to their respective hostel / PG which is the most beautiful part of other colleges like IITs, NITs and many more.

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