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Is there any way to study abroad for cheep ? (# study abroad )

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yes, there are many ways to study abroad for cheap. almost all the universities in europe are tution fees  and you are just require to pay some nominal fees every year. but you gotta have to pay for your living expenses on your own which may be earned while working part-time in europe.

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Sathak Goel 1 month ago

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Hello Common Man xD,

The answer to your question is YES!, and did you know, you can study abroad even for free! But the cheaper you go, the more eligible and qualified you should be to avail this opportunity, as everybody wants to get the best education, with the least investment. 

The trick to getting free study abroad opportunities is that you should have a distinguished ability. You will have to register through several scholarships and tests, that give you up to 100% waiver on tuition fee, and even hostels, food and airplane tickets for free. Some of such scholarships are:

MEXT: This is the scholarship given by the Japanese Government for international students, and you can avail this by going to their official website. You will have to give a test conducted by the Japanese Government, and based on that, candidates will be shortlisted. Around 18 seats are available under this exam. You are provided with about 90k scholarship per month, along with tickets to visit your house.

ECU: This scholarship gives you about a 20% waiver on your tuition fees. It is for admission to Australian Universities.

HSK: The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) scholarship is basically a language proficiency test, and is associated with Chinese universities. There are 6 levels in this exam. The exam is out of 200 marks and getting 120 marks is considered as ok. 

Confucius scholarship: This scholarship test is again for Chinese universities. 

Apart from these, you can also appear for tests such as IELTS, GRE, and TOEFL. These tests are basically language proficiency tests, which are mandatory to clear before you apply for any foreign institute. You can consider as the way by which they consider you to be able to survive in their country. Based on your score in these tests, they give you scholarships, which go as high as 100% on tuition fees. 

You may even consider certain tests, such as that of GATE, GRE, etc.. These are conducted in India, and is considered not only in admission to Indian Universities but also to foreign universities. Qualifying and getting good marks in GATE can fetch you scholarships through the Indian government. 

There are several countries such as the US, France, Australia, Italy, etc. which are obviously very costlier to live in, and more than you will spend on your education, you'll spend on your living. Therefore, consider these factors too. Germany is one of the countries that is famous for its cheap education. They don't charge tuition fees from you or charge a little from it. But the cost of living their is quite high. Apart from this, you may consider countries whose currency is weaker than the country you live in, to get cheaper education. For example: Hungary has weaker currency than inr.

Hope this helps,


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Anandhu J 1 month ago

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The colleges abroad will low fees structure are located in Germany, Norway, Sweden. Most other countries have high fee structure. Especially the fees in UK. You may get scholarships which are present but the first thing is to get there. The admission to UG programmes occur through SAT, English proficiency test IELTS/TOEFL.

For more detail you can check the college website where the fees, available scholarship, visa details etc will be given.

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