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Is there are any requirement that i must join any coaching classes ? If, no then how I could prepare my study that I can qualify for JEE ?

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Faizan Salim

Faizan Salim 3 months ago

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No it is not compulsory to join any coaching classes for JEE exams. You can study on your own and prepare well.
Do not get demotivated. All you need is the dedication and honesty towards studies.
But if you think you do need help then you can attend some coaching classes crash courses.
Try to cover all the important topics and also make a note of topics that are given more weightage to and start to study these topics properly. Do not waste time. Study NCERT thoroughly .
Try to clear all your concepts about any topic you have covered.
Give importance to all the three subject physics, chemistry and maths as in JEE all of them have equal weightage.
Practice Practice and Practice!!!
Note down all the formulas and important concepts so that they become handy for revision. Talk to your teachers they will be more than happy to help always and of course internet is always there. You can also post your questions on careers360 so that we can help you. 
Take online mock tests. 
Improve your calculation speed.
Keep on solving sample papers and previous year papers regularly and time all your papers so as to analyse your speed and result.
Focus on tricks to solve your questions rather than wasting time on lengthy calculations.
Don’t get upset and do not loose confidence if your score is less in earlier attempts as it would automatically gain a pace with time. keep practicing
Also I won’t advice you for late night studies, Sleep Early so as to keep your mind active and fresh.
And the most important advice don’t let anyone or anything break your flow.

Study with dedication and honesty, you will never fail.
Hope this helps.

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ROHIT K 3 months ago

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Bushing Dayal
The thing is that you should only do the hard work and  get the success yourself
so that you can read the NCERT books first and then later on go for the other reference books and see the some of the videos which are related to your concept and also you can refer the previous year question paper and follow the proper time table
I will suggest to take the coaching class after even once revision of topics is done so that in taht coaching  you can understand better way
all the best

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