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Journalism complete fees and job opportunities

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Saloni Bhatia 20 days ago

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Hello Sona,

Hope you are doing well.

If you wish to pursue the field of Journalism and Mass Communication, you get opened to multiple other fields such as:

  • Acting/ Modelling
  • Anchor/ News Reader
  • Public Health Practioner
  • Public Relation Officer (PRO)
  • Camera handler
  • Voiceover Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Editor
  • Editor in chief
  • Director
  • Costume Designer
These are a list of fields. Other than that you can also be a Reporter or be associated with any Advertising Agency.

If you still have any query, feel free to ask.
Good Luck!

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minshul gupta 24 days ago

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hello sona mary v varghese, let me just introduce you to the course and the further details.

JOURNALISM, diploma in journalism is a ywo years course of full time. candidate can pursue this course after complteing their 10+2 with an agregate of 50% from a recognized board and school.

some of the to college taht offered diploma in journalism are :



The average fees charged for diploma in journalism course by various institute ranges from 10,000 to 5 lakhs , it totaly depend on which college or university you choose.

the course involves advanced professional learning in writing news for newspaper, magazine, broadcasting, news or radio television dissemination, of information about current events, trends issue, and people.

There are many job oportunity you can get after completing your diploma in journalism are like news reporter, media researcher, script writer, creative visualiser, proofreader, content devoloper, media planner, production worker, floor manager, sound technicians, camera worker, prsenters, transmission executives, transaltor, copywriters, executive and many more job oportunities you may get as per your interest.

The avera annual salary offered to the successful professionals of teh discipline in india ranges between 3 laksh to 20 lakhs. it totally depend up on your work and your post as well as the company in which you are placed.

I hope the information provided will be helpful to you. so all the very best have a great future haead.

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Nikhil Mehta 24 days ago

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Fees for the journalism course depends upon the college and its value in the market. I pursued my mass comm from NIMCJ and the fees is 2 lakh & admission open if you want to join. Regarding Job opportunities there are N number of opportunities which you can excel.  

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Debosmitha 2 months ago

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Hello Sona,

It is the role of the Journalism to spread information about every relevant happening in the world. Newspapers, radio, television and more recently the new media-internet has completely revolutionized the way news used to broadcast. Journalists have a very significant role to play in this practice.

Career Options with the Print Media

  • Reporter: As a reporter from a newspaper, magazine, news agency, radio or television channel, your job will be to report with speed, clarity, and accuracy. The intellect to distinguish a story and objectivity will be very important in this role.
  • Correspondent/Special Reporter: To be a reporter for a particular purpose, you must have thorough knowledge in a particular field like politics and sports etc. You must also have the ability to read between the lines and explain the news on the basis of your understanding.
  • Feature Writer: A feature writer’s job revolves around writing in-depth stories and observations on specific topics.
  • Leader Writer: They are concerned with putting across their views on news topics through editorial columns only.
  • Proof Reader: Proof Reader’s job is to evaluate and compare proofs with the edited copy. For this job, one must possess skills in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Editor: Editor is the key head whose chief responsibility is to ensure the uniformity and continuity of the print media. He/she presents the newspaper in an eye-catching fashion.
  • Columnist: As a columnist, one writes for a particular segment in the newspaper or magazine. Your column would highlight your viewpoint concerning any topic under the sun like fashion, politics or films and the like.
  • Critic: In order to be a critic, you will have to be well-read and experienced. Irrespective of the field one must have comprehensive knowledge in the subject concerned.
  • Photo Journalist: To become a successful Photojournalists or in simple words, visual reporter one must be swift in taking pictures which represent a news-story and be willing to work in difficult conditions. Furthermore, He/ she should have the skills of writing appropriate captions and knowledge of the technical aspects of photography.
  • Cartoonist: you have to artistic and humorous to get recognition as a cartoonist. A cartoonist comments on public personalities and other happenings in a satirical manner.

Journalism Career Options with the Electronic Media

  • Researchers: Researchers' jobs revolve around doing the research work for the channel or the site. To be a researcher, you must be creative and inquisitive.
  • Broadcast Reporters: a broadcast reporter must have good communication and presentation skills coupled with a nose for news.
  • Presenters: Good communication skills, command over speech, diction and language, general knowledge, intelligence and the ability to be composed in stressful conditions are essential for this job. Additionally, the presenter must also have control over words and a good quality of facial expression to convey the right tone of the news.

Lastly, a journalist salary has good growth potential. You can expect to start off with a salary of Rs.6000-Rs. 10000 as a trainee. As a reporter, you can expect to make Rs.12000 - Rs.18000. Editors draw a salary of Rs.20,000-Rs.35,000 besides Perks like housing and traveling concessions are also provided.

Hope this helps.

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Nitheesh Yennampelly
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Hey Sona Mary V varghese,

The complete for journalism course is varied from college to college. It is completely based on the college you choose. Anyways the average cost for pursuing this course is around 30,000 to 2.5 lakhs. Well you have many job opportunities in journalism. This field has never ending jobs. For more details go through following website link,


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