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M.A. in geography from Jnu dehli

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JNU 2019 Eligibility Criteria for M.A. in Geography is:

Candidates should have completed their Bachelor's Degree in any discipline under 10+2+3 academic pattern securing at least 45 percent marks in aggregate of all subjects.

M.A (Geography) entrance exam has 4 units. Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography, and Biogeography are the main topics covered under Unit I. Unit II covers topics like Human Geography, Regional Geography, and Physical Geography of India. Unit III mainly comprises of questions on Cartography where as Unit IV covers questions on Statistical Methods.

Exam Pattern for JNU M.A (Geography) Entrance Exam

There will be 100 questions for the test. Total marks allotted for the test is 100. Unit I comprises of multiple choice questions for 60 marks. Unit II covers short answer type questions. Marks allotted for the unit is 20. Questions in Unit III and IV will be asked for 10 marks each.

Syllabus for JNU M.A Geography Entrance Exam:

Syllabus for Unit I


  • Basic concepts
  • Details on Plains, plateaus and mountains
  • Geomorphic processes
  • Earth’s movements – Orogenic, Epeirogenic
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Weathering and Erosion
  • Earth’s interior
  • Wegener’s continental drift theory


  • Weather and climate
  • Atmospheric temperature- Horizontal distribution, Vertical distribution
  • Insolation and heat budget
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Concept of air masses and fronts
  • Cyclones and anticyclones
  • Global pressure System and wind belts


  • Ocean floor topography
  • Salinity and composition of sea water
  • Ocean currents
  • Ocean deposits


  • World distribution of plants & animals
  • Major floristic regions of the world

Human Geography

  • Man – Environment relationship
  • Classification and spatial distribution of human races

Population Geography

  • Population growth and distribution
  • Migration – Causes, Consequence
  • Types of settlement
  • Pattern of rural settlement

Other Topics under Unit I

  • Geographical Information System
  • Growth of population and urbanization
  • Development of agriculture and industries
  • Physiographic divisions
  • Regional geography
  • Remote Sensing
  • Statistical Applications

Syllabus for Unit II

Human Geography

  • Branches of Human Geography
  • Development of Human Geography in Foreign nations
  • Two main schools of Human Geography - Environmental Determinism, Possibilism
  • Neo Determinism
  • Cultural or Social Determinism

Physical Geography of India

  • India – geological structure and physiographic framework
  • Drainage system and climate
  • Soil and vegetation

Regional Geography

  • Types of region
  • Methods of regionalization
  • Concept of regional planning
  • Environmental planning in regional issues
  • Regional planning and sustainable development

Syllabus for Unit III


Surveying and leveling

  • Plane table surveying
  • Prismatic compass surveying
  • Theodolite traversing
  • Leveling – Typ

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I have a degree in civil engineering . Am i eligible for masters in geography ? 

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