Nutan 6 months ago

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My daughter dont carry her father name in school.Will she face any problem while ssc board application form.will she be rejected for exams

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Moumita Dasgupta 6 months ago

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No. its not a problem mam. All the board considers student's mother name as well.

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Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar 6 months ago

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There are ways to change the names in school. You can go there and change the names or put the name if applicable. When you change the name there will be the name in the school. This is the best way to solve this problem. I think that this would solved your query. 


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Maligaveli sai pavan
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Their might be problem for your daughter for this you can do changes before only you want . Do before only
Because there is time to do changes if you want but it should be same in all the certificate contains same father name their won't be changes in their name.
If you have any other doubts further please go through once this below link:
If you have any questions further let me know.
Thank you!!

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