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My lectures are saying engineering is doesn't lead best for further while degree is the best but iam interested for engineering .what can I

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Shivam Gautam

Shivam Gautam 2 months ago

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Hello Dear
It doesn't mean like that , in this world none of the individual has the weight to decide someone's future , if you are aiming for the UPSC level exams then in such cases degree is only enough but as you said you are interested in engineering then in that point of view definitely you have to go with the engineering as well by scoring the good score in the JEE mains such that you will be able to take the good reputed institution.
All the best

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suresh venkat

suresh venkat 2 months ago

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Actually this is not a good option that you need to take degree if you are not willing to do.
Dont think that engineering has no scope in future, because of some students who are taking engineering for no reason and they are lagging behind with no job because lack of knowledge and skills, many people are considering that engineering has no scope.
Dont think like that just do what you want and you will be successful if you are having good knowledge and skills.
For any further queries you can ask me.

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