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Pls anyone explain csab 2019 for jee mains....I got rejected in first round of josaa and couldn't participate in further rounds...is there

Any hope for me in csab 2019

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Sunanda Dhar 1 month ago

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The Central Seat Allocation Board has undergone many notable changes in its counselling process since the year of its inception. Last year, CSAB revised its process by holding two rounds of counselling from 2018 instead of one. Also, Students from now onwards are required to upload their documents online in order to participate in CSAB 2019 special rounds. Students can find below all the latest changes in CSAB 

also check the link that I am attaching below


hope you find it helpful


Good luck!

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Vaibhav Raj Srivastava
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Hey aspirant there is chances for you to participate in the cseb round of JEE Mains because this is a special round which is done for the fulfillment of vacant seats which are left after all the seven rounds this round is also called as spot round.

All the best.

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