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Sbi is counts only final year marks or they counts all 1st 2nd 3rd year marks in eligiblity crateria

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. Hey !

As per the eligibility criteria for SBIPO 219,Candidate should indicate the percentage obtained in Graduation calculated to the nearest two decimals in the online application. Where CGPA/ OGPA is awarded, the same should be converted into percentage and indicated in the online application. If called for interview, the candidate will have to produce a certificate issued by the appropriate authority inter alia stating the norms of the University regarding conversion of grade into percentage and the percentage of marks scored by the candidate in terms of these norms.

Calculation of Percentage: The percentage marks shall be arrived at by dividing the total marks obtained by the candidate in all the subjects in all the semester(s)/ year(s) by aggregate maximum marks in all the subjects irrespective of honours/ optional/ additional optional subject, if any. This will be applicable for those Universities also where Class/ Grade is decided on basis of Honours marks only. The fraction of percentage so arrived will be ignored i.e. 59.99% will be treated as less than 60% and 54.99% will be treated as less than 55%.

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