Deepika Yadav 16 days ago

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Sir what is roll no for ipu spot registration for ballb bcz there is no roll no in admit card there is only admit cardno which is not valid

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Sumit Gaur

Sumit Gaur 16 days ago

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The roll number for IPU spot registeration would be the CET roll number which is mentioned in BOLD in your CET admit card also for spot round in main campus roll numbers are called in batches a day.

The first rankers will be called first and so on, there would be a DD of Rs5000 needed at the time of spot couselling.

Hope it helps.

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Ujjwal 16 days ago

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Hi Deepika,

Why exactly do you need roll no for? Usually they ask for original admit card along with other requisites like Part Admission fee reciept and spot round fee DD etc in the spot round including your academic's details in the form of your marksheet. Roll no should not be the sole criteria. CET Admit card is what is important.

Good Luck !!

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