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What are the average cat score cutoff for the top iim's for the general catagory? and why most of iim's students have science bckgroud

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IIMs, especially the old ones, are India's premium institutes because of their great quality of education, faculty and infrastructure. The results are clearly seen from the students graduating from those colleges.
So if they are making brilliant managers, they require the best minds of India, hence the CAT which is a race against time and packed with negative marking scheme and tests endurance, accuracy and focus. So CAT becomes a major filter for IIMs to filter out the best minds and then filtering them even more by WAT/GD-PI process before admission.
That's the reason the avg. Cutoff for IIMs lie between 95 to 100 percentile.
Regarding your doubt of why so many science background candidates getting into the IIMs? Is because of those candidates having the mathematical and analytically view which helps them crack CAT. But definitely that's not at all the only reason. Many science background people, after working for few years, they require a major need of upgrading their management skills and hence they opt for MBA.

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Yesh kumar

Yesh kumar 1 month ago

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Yesh KumarLast Seen: 2 weeks 5 days agoJoined on: 23-Apr-2019Education Interest: EngineeringEducation Level: In Graduation

Hello sufiyan, 

Average cat score for top IIM is very high so you have to work hard for it. 

Average cutoff for top IIM is around 92-93%

IIM Ahmedabad-83%

IIM Banglore-90+%

IIM Calcutta-95+%

IIM Lucknow-90+%

IIM Indore-90%

IIM Kozhikode-95. 5%

IIM Trichy-96%

Hope this will help you. 

Thank you. 

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Rizwan shaikh 1 month ago

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Rizwan ShaikhLast Seen: 1 week 3 days agoJoined on: 22-Jan-2018Education Interest: MBAEducation Level: In Graduation
Actually it depends on the academic profile.. This year 97+ %ilers didn't get call from top iims.. So first of all make sure ur academic is strong.

Saurabh 1 month ago

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Iim A- 99.8 percentile
Iim B - 99.7
Iim C - 99.5
These are cutoffs for general engineering males with average academic performance. You need to remember that iims give concession to people from different fields and gender to improve class diversity. So the cutoffs fall drastically. Iim A has given call to people at as low as 85 percentile.  So if your acads are good, your percentile good,  your field of study different, you will get a call at lower percentile too. Coming to why science students are found in abundance is because science students have a little edge in CAT exam as they are well versed with mathematics. Also they are used to tough curriculums that lay ahead in mbbs, engineering, etc. Also there is a great misconception among Indian parents that if the child gets more than 90 percent in 10th, then send him to science,  that way you ll find most of the good scorers get into science. And in future these good scorers get good percentiles in CAT and join iims. But now the scenario is changing,  the variation factor is being taken seriously in IIMs and soon there will be variety of people in IIMs.

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