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What are those designing courses...what are the sub branches in it?

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Juhi kumari

Juhi kumari 27 days ago

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List of designing course:

  • Graphic designer: One of the most-in-demand design professionals out there is a graphic designer. These professionals create designs for marketing collateral, product illustrations, brand identity and website using computer software like Adobe creative suite.
  • User experience (UX) designer:UX designer make websites, mobile applications, software or video games easier to navigate and more intuitive for users to interact with.
  • Photographer: Skills needed in photographer is photography, product sales and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Interior designer: Professionals in this occupation work with interior spaces to improve the safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of the area.
  • Multimedia artist and animator: These professionals create animations and special effects for movies, television, video games and other forms of media- both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
  • Art director: It work in a variety of settings such as magazines, newspapers, internet-based publications and advertising or public relations agencies.
  • Advertising and promotions manager: Professionals in these positions often work in agencies to organise campaigns for clients.
  • Fashion designer: Skills needed are product design and development, Sales and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Film and video editor: These use technical software to construct promotional or artistic productions from footage shot by camera operators.

Hope this will help you

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Amita Marotkar 27 days ago

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Hello Kamal,

When we hear the about designing courses the first thing that pops in our minds is fashion designing or interior designing, but that is not the case.

Nowadys other than hardcore professions such as engeneering and MBBS people are turning towards designing courses and creative fields.

Other than the above stated designing courses, there are various sub branches which you can choose upon based upon your personal interestes and hobbies.those are;

1)Fine arts.

2) Photography

3)Visual arts

4) Animation

5) Graphic designing

6) Game designing

7) User experience (UX/UI)

8) Visual communication

All the best!

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