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What is difference between university and self finance couse for mba and mca while checking nizam college is shown as self finance why

I want to know the full details of tsicet colleges jntu &kakatiya are also shown as self finance why please help sir/madam

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Saurabh 1 month ago

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Self financing colleges are those colleges that have no 8 from the government in terms of funding and support. In return the self financing colleges have greater control over their Course work and can work according to their own system. Self financing colleges also charge a lot of money as compared to aided or government colleges. Also check which degree the college is going to provide because when the college is under the university on the certificate you will have the name of the university instead of the college. If you are going for post graduate diploma in Management courses then the certificate is provided by the college and not the university which is the main difference between colleges and University and self financing colleges or private colleges

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